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Dragon Dish: Walkthrough Guide

Dragon Dish: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Dragon Dish
Fire Breath
Lv1: Faster breathing recharge, Cost: 95
Lv2: Improve breath speed, Cost: 140
Lv3: Deal more damage, Cost: 190
Lv4: Unstoppable fire, Cost: 235
Lv5: Inferno, Cost: 285

Poison Breath
Lv1: Faster breathing recharge, Cost: 140
Lv2: Poison effect lasts longer, Cost: 210
Lv3: Improve breath speed, Cost: 280
Lv4: Stronger poison, Cost: 350
Lv5: No medicine, Cost: 420

Frost Breath
Lv1: Faster breathing recharge, Cost: 205
Lv2: Freeze effect lasts longer, Cost: 305
Lv3: Improve breath speed, Cost: 410
Lv4: Make'em chill, Cost: 510
Lv5: No summer allowed, Cost: 615

Lv1: Powder Mastery - faster recharge, Cost: 290
Lv2: Improve bomb speed, Cost: 435
Lv3: Dwarven Powder - more damage, Cost: 580
Lv4: Handling Mastery - more speed, Cost: 725
Lv5: Clone Warrior - bomb nearby lanes, Cost: 870

Tornado Breath
Lv1: Wind Mastery - faster recharge, Cost: 375
Lv2: Tornado effects lasts longer, Cost: 560
Lv3: Forecaster - faster tornadoes, Cost: 750
Lv4: Bad Weather - tornado lasts longer, Cost: 935
Lv5: Twist and shout, Cost: 1125

Lightning Breath
Lv1: Extra Battery - faster recharge, Cost: 460
Lv2: Refined Conductor - more speed, Cost: 690
Lv3: Overcharged - more damage, Cost: 920
Lv4: Super Conductor - fastest there is, Cost: 1150
Lv5: Ain't no shield strong enough, Cost: 1380

Lv1: Breakfast of champions, Cost: 265
Lv2: Grandma's extra, Cost: 395
Lv3: Cookie treasure, Cost: 530
Lv4: Infinite cookies minus one, Cost: 660
Lv5: All cookies belong to you!, Cost: 795

List of Knights on Dragon Dish
Sir Zebnight - Just an ordinary guy who likes to ride his zebra and is trained to track dragons.
Health: 1, Speed: 2, Damage: 1, Resistance: None
Sir Bernight - During kingdom elections, these special forces are selected to guard the candy vault. They make hit-and-run grabs on your cookie stash.
Health: 3, Speed: 3, Damage: 4, Resistance: Bomb
Acornguard - These guys fell from a tree during a lightning storm. They are the toughest anti-dragon fighters available.
Health: 5, Speed: 1, Damage: 5, Resistance: Lightning
Don Hiccup - The ex-weatherman rides a tornado. He will continue to eat until his donkey is stuffed.
Health: 3, Speed: 5, Damage: 4, Resistance: Tornado
Candalf - He lives in a cold magic tower inventing practical things like the cookie teleporter and the milk-to-chocolate converter.
Health: 4, Speed: 4, Damage: 3, Resistance: Frost
Moobarrian - The Son of Moovahkiin is an axe-wielding dragon hunter, and he knows how to craft poison antidotes with aloe vera.
Health: 4, Speed: 5, Damage: 2, Resistance: Poison

Recommended Build on Dragon Dish
1. Fire Breath
2. Poison Breath
3. Frost Breath
4. Explosives
5. Cookies
6. Tornado Breath
7. Lightning Breath

Walkthrough Guide on Dragon Dish
Dragon Dish is pretty challenging defense flash game. Stage 1 to 10 was pretty relaxed, then onwards. Things get real very quickly. Having to get the coins and ammo mess up your shooting, not to mention how confusing it can get to have to switch between all six breaths constantly. This means you need to have some form of decent macro skills to jugger around them and also learn to anticipate the delays between each shot. Please save your Poison Breath for Sir Bernight and Acornguard! These two beefy Knights are the toughest and can take more than 8-15 Fire Breaths to kill, which is not every effective when your other lanes are full of enemies. Frost Breath is good for Don Hiccup and Moobarrian. I like to combo Fire Breath and Explosives together. Because in the later part of the game, Candalf, the wizard is the deadliest among the six knights. He can do tons of damage very quickly if you don't kill him quickly, that's why I use a bomb to knockback which is always enough to kill him before he reaches. The next combo is Fire Breath and Tornado Breath; pretty decent crowd control. If you are falling behind, you can go Stage 3 and grind a few times. It's the easiest stage in my opinion that gives around 380-420 gold each time.


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