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Bloons Tower Defense: Walkthrough Guide

Bloons Tower Defense: Walkthrough Guide

List of Tower on Bloons Tower Defense
Dart Tower - Shoots a single dart.
Speed: Fast, Range: 100, Cost: 250
Upgrade #1 - Piercing Darts
Cost: 210
Upgrade #2 - Long Range Darts
Range: +25, Cost: 100

Tack Tower - Shoots volley of tacks in 8 directions.
Speed: Medium, Range: 70, Cost: 400
Upgrade #1 - Faster Shooting
Cost: 250
Upgrade #2 - Extra Range Tacks
Range: +10, Cost: 150

Ice Tower - Freezes nearby bloons. Frozen bloons are immune to darts and tacks, but bombs will destroy them.
CSpeed: Slow, Range: +60, Cost: 850
Upgrade #1 - Long Freeze Time
Cost: 450
Upgrade #2 - Wide Freeze Radius
Range: +15, Cost: 300

Bomb Tower - Launches a bomb that explodes on impact.
Speed: Medium, Range: 120, Cost: 900
Upgrade #1 - Bigger Bombs
Cost: 650
Upgrade #2 - Long Range Darts
Range: +20, Cost: 250

Super Monkey - Super Monkey shoots a continuous stream of darts and can mow down even the fast and most stubborn bloons.
Speed: HyperSonic, Range: 140, Cost: 4000
Upgrade #1 - Epic Range
Range: +100, cost: 2400

Recommended Build on Bloons Tower Defense
Build 4 Dart, 14 Tack, 5 Bomb & 3 Super Monkey Towers
Dart Tower comes in really handy during the preliminary Bloons invasion where you save money for Tacks and Bomb Towers. Tack Tower can hit a maximum of 8 balloons when positioned at the right spot. Its role is to pop black bloons early to force it to spawn all their bloons for our Bomb Towers. Bomb towers are very effective in exploding tight cluster of bloons, and lastly, Super Monkey takes down all remaining bloons.

1. Build 4 Dart Towers in a row down the center of the map. Do not buy any upgrade for any dart towers.
2. Build 14 Tack Tower around the map and buy "Faster Shooting" upgrade only.
3. Build 5 Bomb Towers at strategic points without buying upgrades.
4. Save up and buy 3 Super Monkey Towers.
5. Win!

Pictorial Guide on Bloons Tower Defense

Build at least 50 Dart Towers
Dart Tower with piercing darts can hit two bloons every shot. So imagine you have 50 dart towers, you can pop around 100 bloons together at any single moment... There is no way the bloons can even steal your lives. And this build is relatively cheap and easy, only need one type of tower to win the game.

1. Build Dart Towers and give them the "Piercing Darts" upgrade only.
2. Start building them in a row down the center, then create an upside down T by doing the bottom row after that just keep cramming in more wherever they fit.
3. Win!

Pictorial Guide on Bloons Tower Defense


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