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Age of War: Walkthrough Guide

Age of War: Walkthrough Guide

Cavemen Age
Clubman - Cost: $15
Slingshotman - Cost: $25
Dino Rider - Cost: $100

Medieval Age
Swordsman - Cost: $50
Archer - Cost: $75
Knight - Cost: $500

Renaissance Age
Dueler - Cost: $200
Mousquettere - Cost: $400
Canoneer - Cost: $1000

Modern Age
Melee Infantry - Cost: $1500
Infantry - Cost: $2000
Tank - Cost: $7000

Future Age
God Blade - Cost: $5,000
Blaster - Cost: $6,000
Tank - Cost: $20,000
Super Soldier - Cost: $150,000

Turret Upgrade - Cost: $1,000 / 3,000 / 7,500

Cavemen Age
Rock Slingshot - Cost: $100
Egg Automatic - Cost: $200
Primitive Catapult - Cost: $500

Medieval Age
Catapult - Cost: $500
Fire Catapult - Cost: $750
Oil - Cost: $1,000

Renaissance Age
Small Cannon - Cost: $1,500
Large Cannon - Cost: $3,000
Explosives Cannon - Cost: $6,000

Modern Age
Single Turret - Cost: $7,000
Rocket Turret - Cost: $9,000
Double Turret - Cost: $14,000

Future Age
Titanium Shooter - Cost: $24,000
Laser Cannon - Cost: $40,000
Ion Ray - Cost: $100,000

Cavemen Age - Fireballs
Medieval Age - Firearrows
Renaissance Age - Blessing
Modern Age - Airdrops
Future Age- Laser

Walkthrough Guide on Age of War
During Caveman Age, you would want to play the game passively for quite awhile. The enemy's cavemen are stronger and tougher than your troops, and it is going to waste you precious cash for nothing. Therefore the safest way is to wait until 5-6 enemies to appear on the screen then use your special without hesitation and hopefully can get at least 4-5 of them. With the cash earned from the special, purchase an egg automatic immediately. The egg automatic can kill a caveman on its own without assistance, so let it shoot its enemies without interruption. When more than 1 caveman is in your vicinity, buy as many cavemen as you can afford until all your enemies are dead. Stop buying cavemen as soon as you think you have enough to kill all enemies in range of the turret.

Do not enter into Medieval Age yet, even if your enemy has transitioned to Medieval Age. This is because clubmen make sufficient meatshields and can do a ton of damage if you bunch them up together on the same attacking tile. The cavemen create a massive cluster at a very low price. Example if you manage to make ten cavemen standing on the same attacking title, they score ten hits all at once. In return, it takes the enemy to hit & kill 1 of them which leaves 9 of them. All these cavemen cost 150 gold only! Very cost effective. At the same time, your egg shooter is contributing to wiping up your enemies! Meanwhile, you still have your specials which you should use them when available. Upgrade your turrets slot and purchase more egg automatic progressively. This simple trick will last until Modern Age.

During Military Age, you should probably have 45,000 Exp and 14,000 Gold saved up. Your enemy should already be sending soldiers by now, and you should also have loads of cavemen built up. Now upgrade to the Military Age and sell a chicken cannon and replace it with the double turret. The turret should be able to kill any enemy it encounters, as soon as you have another 14,000 gold, sell the other chicken and replace with another double turret. Remember to use your special. Once you have enough for the last turret slot and a double turret, get them both. Send out an adequate amount of Melee Infantry when your cavemen shield starts depleting.

During the Future Age, slowly and steady replace all your double turrets with Ion Ray. They are very overpowered especially when you have 4 of them together. They can take out tanks very effectively without any help but if two tanks are in your vision, use special. Otherwise, summon 2 God Blades to defend your base. You will profit from the enemies with 4 Ion Ray running. Now, save up for at least 3 Tanks and 3 Super Soldiers. Send out your Tanks first then your Super Soldiers. Let your Tanks soak up all the damage, by the time it reaches your enemy base. Your super soldiers will take over and guaranteed a win! Congratulation.


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