Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Team For The Job: Walkthrough Guide

A Team For The Job: Walkthrough Guide

List of Cards on A Team For The Job
Thief - When the thief comes into play, your opponent discards a card.
Ranger - When the ranger comes into play, you draw a card.
Warrior - When the warrior comes into play, choose a character of the opponent. The selected character goes to the past.
Necromancer - When the necromancer comes into play, choose a character in the past. The selected character goes in your hand.
Witch - When you have a witch in play, you can counter a card played by the opponent. It costs you a witch in play and a card in your hand.

Walkthrough Guide on A Team For The Job
I do not recommend playing the witch against witch, as the computer doesn't like your witches and just removes it fast with a warrior. Instead, I will go something like this:
1. Your first move a thief is good. Alternatively, start off with a ranger or Witch if nothing else.
2. When you show your Warrior, don't remove computer's Warrior or Necromancer. Try to take out his thief or ranger. Those won't hurt you when he puts them out on the field again.
3. Leave his Witch for the end, and take witches out before placing the last character. The computer will almost always counter you when you left final slot to win. However, he loses his cards if he counters you with a witch and that's a good thing for you.
4. There is a lot of random things that happen - so there is no foolproof strategy! He might sometimes use warrior to destroy your cards at unexpected times.

Generally, you will want to place four cards on the table, ensuring that you remain at the maximum number of cards and your opponent remains at a lower-than-three number of cards. Kill witches when possible, and make use of the necromancer to grab the cards you need. When you have all but one card on the table, place non-vital cards until your the opponent can no longer have a witch showing. If the opponent plays a warrior, then get back to four cards on the table, using the above method. When opponent no has a witch showing, play your final card. That's what makes this game fun. But the computer usually uses the same strategy, so use that knowledge to your advantage - and use a different strategy! Enjoy your sweet victory!


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