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Zombie Knight: Walkthrough Guide

Zombie Knight: Walkthrough Guide

List of Gear Statistics on Zombie Knight
Health: Adds to your overall life score by a factor of 10, which means 6 health equals 60 points improvement.
LifeMax: Adds the number of points to your Life, which means 50 LifeMax equals 50 points.
EnergyMax: Adds to the number of points for your energy.
Damage: Adds to your damage points.
Armor: Adds to your armor points.
Command: Adds to the number of minions you can spawn.
DmgMult: Adds to your damage multiplier percentage.
RangeMult: Adds to the damage of ranged attacks.
Reflect: Adds to your chances to reflect an attack.
Endurance: Adds to the rate your energy recovers.
CounterRate: Improves the odds of countering an attack.
CritRate: Improves the odds of landing a critical hit.
Vampirism: Gain a little health every time you attack.

List of Special Skills on Zombie Knight
Charge Attack: Charge at the enemy.
Energy Cost: 15
Zombify: Cause a critical strike. Units killed this way will produce a zombie. The amount of zombies is limited by command value.
Energy Cost: 10
Throw Blade: Throw a blade at the enemy.
Energy Cost: 5.
Summon Skeleton: Summons a skeleton warrior. This also provides an additional starting unit.
Energy Cost: 20, Command +1
Sprout Impaler: Summon sprouts to impale nearby enemies.
Energy Cost: 15
Lightning Storm: Call down 5 bolts that deal 20 damage each.
Energy Cost: 20
Summon Lich - Summon a Lich. This also provides an additional starting unit.
Energy Cost: 30, Command +1
Summon Skeleton Giant - Summons a skeleton giant. Requires 2 commands. This also provides an additional starting unit.
Energy Cost: 40, Command +1
Freezing Stomp - Stomp the ground to freeze enemies.
Energy Cost: 20

List of Enemies on Zombie Knight
Zombie: A slow moving undead with melee attack.
Flesh: Heavy armored with a melee attack.
Skeleton: A medium armored undead with a sword.
Lich: A light armored undead with distance lightning attack.
Giant Skeleton: A heavily armored undead with sword and stomp attack.

Human Militia: A lightly armed human with a sword.
Human Swordsman: An armored human with sword and shield.
Human Crusader: A moderately armored human with sword and shield.
Knights: A heavily armored human with a sword and shield.
King: Very heavily armored human with sword and shield.

Orc Grunt: A lightly armored orc with an axe and shield.
Orc Soldier: A heavily armored orc with an axe and shield.
Orc Shaman: A light armor orc with distance attack.
Ogre: A heavily armored orc with large club and stomp attack.

Elf Warrior: A lightly armored elf with a sword.
Elf Ninja: A lightly armored elf with claws.
Elf Battlemage: A moderately armored elf with lightning attack and sword.
Elf Guardian: A heavily armored elf with a sword.
Elf Hero: Very heavily armored with a sword.

Lizard Men
Lizard Man: A heavy armored fighter with a club.
Lizard Warrior: A heavily armored fighter with an axe.
Lizard Shaman: A moderately armored fighter with distance lightning attack.

Corrupted Forest
Mutant Pumpkin: A light armored distance attacker.
Werewolf: A medium armored attacker with claws.
Treant Warrior: A heavy armored attacker with the sword.
Mother Tree: Very heavy armored distance attacker with vine spell.

Demon Spawn
Demon: A heavily armored and stomp attack.
Demon Lord: A very heavily armored with an axe and stomp attack.

List of Levels on Zombie Knight
Morhoth Lad
Fraction: Undead
Enemies: 22 enemies in four waves.
Types: Zombies, Skeleton.
Rewards: Restless Soldier achievement, Legendary Soldier's Boots, Mark Of Betrayal sword.

Fraction: Human
Enemies: 16 enemies in four waves.
Types: Militia, Swordsmen.
Rewards: No Allies Achievement, Enchanted Soldier's Shield.

Fraction: Orcs
Enemies: 28 enemies in 4 waves.
Types: Orc Grunt, Orc Warrior, Orc Shaman.
Rewards: Death to Orcs achievement, Godly Soldier's Tower Shield.

Lightcliff Coast
Fraction: Human
Enemies: 32 enemies in four waves.
Types: Militia, Soldier, Crusader.
Rewards: Blood and Sand achievement, Normal Knight's Heavy Helm.

Aelin Goroth
Fraction: Undead
Enemies: 33 enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Zombies, Flesh, Skeletons, Lich, Giant Skeleton.
Rewards: Rest in Peace achievement, Artifact Commander's Spiked Plate.

Uial Duin
Fraction: Elves
Enemies: 32 enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Elf warrior, Ninja, Elf battlemage, Elf guardians, Elf hero.
Rewards: Fall of the Elves Achievement, Legendary Demn's Black Helm, Elven Speed Boots.

Fraction: Orcs
Enemies: 50 enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Orc Grunts, Orc Warriors, Orc Shaman, Ogre.
Rewards: Orcish Nightmare achievement, Normal Commander's Blood Gauntlets.

Valgan Ruins
Fraction: Lizard Men
Enemies: 28 enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Lizardmen, Lizard Warriors, Lizard Shamans.
Reward: Retaking The Shrine achievement, Godly Warrior's Death Mark shield.

Edhel Woodlands
Fraction: Corrupted Forest
Enemies: 24 Enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Mutant Pumpkins, Werewolves, Treant Warriors, Mother Trees.
Rewards: Slayer of Ancients achievement, Legendary Templar's Vine Gauntlets.

Redmeadow Barrens
Fraction: Human
Enemies: 45 Enemies in 5 waves.
Types: Militia, Soldier, Crusaders, Knights, King.
Rewards: Undead Vengeance achievement, Artifact Templar's Bloodlust sword, Crown of Galenmar.

Fraction: Demon Spawn.
Enemies: 3 enemies in 1 wave.
Types: Demons, Demon Lord.
Reward: Demon Slayer achievement, Godly Templar's Dragon Scale.

Recommended Build on Zombie Knight
Special Skills
1. Summon Skeleton
2. Summon Lich
3. Summon Giant Skeleton
4. Sprout Impaler

Desired Gear Stats
1. Command
2. EnergyMax
3. Endurance
4. RangeMult

Walkthrough Guide on Zombie Knight
Charge Attack is useful for short and quick attacks but can leave you stuck in the middle of a group as enemies cluster together. Zombify gives a critical strike and stands a chance of changing an enemy into a zombie. It is effective, however, can be expensive, and the zombies aren't great fighters either. Throw Blade does what it says. Inexpensive, but hard to hit individual targets. Summon Skeleton is one of the most useful skills as it gives you one skeleton at the start of the level. Sprout Impaler stun and damage multiple enemies at such low cost which in fact, is one of a more overpowered skill. Lightning Storm does a lot of damage, but too costly in my opinion. Summon Lich spawns a skeletal magic wielder with a lightning attack. Very cost effective, just make sure they don't go toe-to-toe with the enemy. Summon Skeleton Giant is a little expensive, but that packs a punch. Freezing Stomp causes splash damage that freezes all enemies in place for a few seconds. Useful in a pinch, but can be costly to keep using.

For items, in order from worst to best: Normal -> Enchanted -> Artifact -> Fabled -> Legendary -> Godly. Selling price also grows the better your item is. There's also a categorization for the stats. These are only for extra stats, added upon normal benefits. An example is a shield has +5 armor but, commander's shield gives +5 armor and +2 command. Here's the list: Demon for damage multiplier, Warrior for Endurance, Giant for Strength, Templar for Reflect, Vampire for Vampirism, Knight for LifeMax, Commander for Command, Assassin for CritRate, Soldier for Health. As you clear a stage, it will give you a part of a "set" from that area. It appears to give stuff randomly so it may take a while if you plan on getting a specific set/item/stat/grade. The different sets; Metal, Chain, Heavy, Spiked, Black, Blood, Bone, Vine, Dragon.

Morhoth Lad gives you Metal items about 1/5th of the time. The rest of the time it gives you items which belong to no set. Glasscuff gives you Chain items about 1/5th of the time. The rest of the time it gives you items which belong to no set. Newmarsh offers items which belong to no set. I've never gotten a piece of a certain set from there. Lightcliff Coast gives you Heavy items about 4/5th of the time. The rest of the time it gives you items which belong to no set. Aelin Goroth gives you Spiked Items about 2/5th of the time. The rest of the time it gives you items which belong to no set. Uial Duin offers Black items almost always. There are a few exceptions. Kogar gives you Blood items. Redmeadow Barrens offers Blood items. Valgan Ruins gives you Bone items. Edhel Woodlands offers Vine items. Ashmarsh gives you Dragon items. The best set is maybe the Dragon Set because of the huge stats boost. Each godly piece has about 10 in armor and 10 in health which makes you almost immortal.

The beginning stages is a small struggle as you have to manually attack the monsters. As it progress, it gets pretty easy once one figure out that the combination between high command and a lot of summoned liches makes even the "very hard" battles a piece of cake! Therefore, the only spells you'll need are Summon Skeleton, Summon Lich, Summon Giant Skeleton, and Sprout Impaler to defeat across the map effortlessly regardless of your damage and health! Command and EnergyMax are only two gear statistics you should keep a look out on! Endurance is good for regenerating your energy. For most of the stages except for Ashmarsh, only focus on summoning 3 Liches and 2 Giant Skeletons first. Once you have them all out, spam your Sprout Impaler with no hesitation! If you're stuck on Ashmarsh, do not bother to summon any monsters. Just focus all your energy on Sprout Impaler and hide at one corner for your energy to recharge. That's all I did to win that level.

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