Thursday, January 5, 2017

Words and Physics: Walkthrough Guide

Words and Physics: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Words and Physics
Level 1
- Delete the "Deleteme" text.

Level 2
Add text to "PushType" line until "RemoveMe" falls off.

Level 3
- Delete "Deltype" to bring "RemoveMe" text down,
- Type on that same line until characters push "RemoveMe" text off the level.

Level 4
- Change "MoveRight" to "MoveLeft."

Level 5
- Change "MoveWhere" to "MoveUp."

Level 6
- Change "MoveWhere" to "MoveRight," then delete it when text to be removed is positioned over drop-off.
- Type a few characters to finish pushing "RemoveMe" into hole and off the level.

Level 7
- Delete "Deltype" to bring text down, then type characters until "RemoveMe" falls to next platform.
- Add text to "RightAligned" until "RemoveMe" falls again.
- Repeat by adding text to "Deltype" line until "RemoveMe" falls off the level.

Level 8
- "DeleteMe" text is invisible. Highlight section under the word "Dynamic" and delete, then when "RemoveMe" stops sliding, highlight section under that and delete it as well.

Level 9
- Type "Fire" on the line next to "Bomb."

Level 10
- Type "Water" on each of the five lines, until "Plank" floats to the top and knocks "RemoveMe" text off.

Level 11
- Delete "DeleteMe" text on top of bottom "Plank."
- Delete "DeleteMe" under "RemoveMe."
- Finally, remove "DeleteMe" below other "Plank" to catapult "RemoveMe" off the level.

Level 12
Type "Fire" below the cage holding "Bomb.
- Type "Water" on each of the four lines on top of "RemoveMe," so it text floats to the top.
- Type "Balloon" on line under "Switch."

Level 13
- Type "Pin" to pop the balloon.

Level 14
- Change left "MoveWhere" to "MoveUp" until it reaches about half-way, then change to "MoveRight" to block laser.
- Delete a character from "MoveRight" to stop it where it is and block the laser.
- Change "MoveWhere" on the right to "MoveLeft" until it pushes "RemoveMe" text from the level.

Level 15
- Quickly delete each line of "DeleteMe" before the laser hits the "RemoveMe" text, going from top to bottom.

Level 16
- Delete almost all of the "DelType" line, leaving just "DE" so that "RemoveMe" is propped up at an angle.
- Type any characters to continue pushing "RemoveMe" until it slides off the level.
- When done in this way, you shouldn't have to adjust your keyboard settings at all.

Level 17
- Type "Fire" on line below "RightAligned."
- Add characters to "PushType" until "RemoveMe" is right up against "Fire."
- Delete all of the characters to the left of "RemoveMe."
- Delete "DeleteMe" under "Bomb."
- Delete the "RIGHTAL" of "RightAligned."

Level 18
- Delete the "RIG" of the bottom "RightAligned" to make the "Bomb" fall down.
- Delete "DelType" to bring "RemoveMe" down, then add characters to push it next to "Bomb."
- Remove all characters to the left of "RemoveMe."
- The "Bomb" should detonate when the laser touches it, and "RemoveMe" should fly off to the left, completing the game!


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