Friday, January 20, 2017

What You See: Walkthrough Guide

What You See: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide
1. Click on the 'M' and 'E' in the second word.
2. Click on the last letter.
3. Click on all 'T's.
4. Click on all red letters.
5. Click on all large letters.
6. Right click on the rightmost mouse and select "Just Click Here".
7. Remove all letters except the first of each word. Note that these letters spell the colour that the text is written in.
8. Remove 'G','S' & 'T' from "Ghost" and 'T' & 'I' from "Taxi".
9. Remove all letters except the first, 'H'.
10. Click these alphabets in order: d,e,i,n,o,r. Ignore red letters.
11. Press the "esc" key on your keyboard. Why? Because the only letters you can remove spell "pressesc".

12. Remove all red, orange and purple letters.
13. Remove the word "red". The solution to this is "the word is bad you a one when is clea".
14. Remove "ave" from alive, "os" from ghosts, "abve" from above and "ear!" from near to form "Lights on".
15. If you count levels on the menu, this is actually level 16. Level 14 and 15 (on the menu) are both the lights out level, with one small difference; 'N', 'E', and 'O' are dimmer in the instruction, therefore, take out "neo".
16. Click on the letters "neo".
17. Remove the first 'Y', 'U', and 'S'.
18. Remove the third and fourth 'A's in the first row, and the third in the second row.
19. Remove the tree, the sun, and the smoke.
20. Remove the letters in A-Z order. Use the letters in 'in order!' too.
21. Remove the letters so that "notear" is left.
22. Ignore all this jumbled text, go back to the main menu and remove 'rate on' from the rating box, then click on one of the stars.
23. Easy, just remove all 'T's.


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