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Were you a Nineties Gamer?: Walkthrough Guide

Were you a Nineties Gamer?: Walkthrough Guide

Achievements on Were you a Nineties Gamer?
Each achievement unlocks a new sprite!
Instruction Manual: Answer any question to get your achievement collection started.
Insert Cartridge: Get any 5 questions right.
Power Up: Get 10 questions right.
Blast Processing Activated: Get 20 questions right.
One-Third Complete: Get 30 questions right.
Press P2 Start: Get 40 questions right.
Action 52 : Get 52 questions right.
He's On Fire: Get 60 questions right.
Ri-Star Player: Get 70 questions right.
MariOwned: Get 80 questions right.
SNEStacular: Get 90 questions right.
Aren't Emeralds Green? : (1st Emerald) Find Light Blue Chaos Emerald in Quiz 30.
This is a Ruby: (2nd Emerald) Find Red Chaos Emerald in Quiz 29.
It's Sapphire: (3rd Emerald) Find Dark Blue Chaos Emerald in Quiz 87.
Looks Like Topaz: (4th Emerald) Find the Orange Chaos Emerald in Quiz 48.
The Only Emerald: (5th Emerald) Find Green Chaos Emerald in Quiz 46.
You Found Amethyst: (6th Emerald) Find Purple Chaos Emerald in Quiz 25.
Surely A Diamond: (7th Emerald) Find White Chaos Emerald in Secret Quiz 42.
Super Sonic: Collect Every Chaos Diamond.
Level Select: Find a secret Question.
A Winner is You: Complete Game 100% (Collect all Emeralds and Complete All Quiz including 3 Secret)

Walkthrough Guide on Were you a Nineties Gamer?
Once you complete all 90 levels, repeat the ones with an asterisk and perform the command in rounded brackets to open up secret questions!
1: Sonic* (Up, Down, Left, Right)
2: Final Fantasy
3: Starfox
4: Altered Beast
5: NBA Jam
6: Mean Bean Machine
7: Legend of Zelda
8: Alex Kidd
9: Moonwalker
10: Donkey Kong Country
11: Revenge of Shinobi
12: Cosmic Spacehead
13: Double Dragon
14: Jurassic Park
15: Cool Spot
16: Streets of Rage
17: Micro Machines
18: Kid Chameleon
19: Robocop vs Terminator
20: Fantastic Dizzy
21: Eternal Champions
22: Aladdin
23: Puggsy
24: Lion King
25: Comix Zone
26: Gunstar Heroes
27: Mario Kart
28: Ristar
29: Columns
30: James Pond Robocod
31: Prince of Persia
32: Tetris Attack
33: Zoop
34: Zool
35: Golden Axe
36: Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP
37: Alfred Chicken
38: Aero the Acro-bat
39: Animaniacs
40: Quackshot
41: Batman
42: Chuck Rock* (A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A)
43: Dynamite Headdy
44: Killer Instinct
45: Chrono Trigger

46: Kirby
47: Power Rangers
48: Streets of Rage 2
49: Raw
50: Ducktales
51: Air Buster
52: Breath of Fire
53: Earthbound
54: Ninja Turtles
55: Zombies ate my Neighbors
56: Strider
57: Megaman
58: Metroid
59: F-Zero
60: Gradius* (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)
61: Road Rash
62: Home Alone
63: Earthworm Jim
64: Rock and Roll Racing
65: Shining Force
66: Bomberman
67: Ecco
68: Sparkster
69: Lost Vikings
70: Shaq Fu
71: Casper
72: Rap Jam
73: Tetris
74: World of Illusion
75: Bart Nightmare
76: NHL
77: World Cup Italia
78: Pac Attack
79: Mutant League Hockey
80: Secret of Mana
81: Mario Bros
82: Super Smash TV
83: Toejam and Earl
84: Psycho Pinball
85: Mario RPG
86: Super Punch-Out
87: Sunset Riders
88: Phantasy Star
89: Turrican
90: Terminator

Secret1: Sonic and Knuckles
Secret42: Vectorman
Secret60: Contra

Hidden Emeralds on Were you a Nineties Gamer?
Light Blue Chaos Emerald – Quiz 29: Columns, Found at the right hand side above the yellow gems.
Red Chaos Emerald – Quiz 30: James Pond Robocod, Found just on the right lower of James Pond.
Dark Blue Emerald – Quiz 87: Sunset Riders, Hiding behind the fence on the left.
Orange Emerald – Quiz 48: Streets of Rage 2, Hiding behind the table's leg on the left.
Green Emerald – Quiz 46: Kirby, Hiding behind Kracko, aka the cloud monster.
Purple Chaos Emerald – Quiz 25: Comix Zone, Hiding at the left side of the rock.
White Emerald – Secret Quiz 2: Vectorman, Found in the middle of the slope.


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