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Unmanned: Walkthrough Guide

Unmanned: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Unmanned
Oneiric Achievement - Dream Section
Avoid the three angry Middle Easterners long enough before turning into the plane. Click the screen to move away from them. If you get hit too much, you will not earn this medal.

Outstanding Introspection - Shaving Section
This medal appears to be based on how long it takes for you to complete your shaving, rather than any dialogue choices you makes. Just take your time, and you should earn this and the next medal too.

Excellence in Shaving - Shaving Section
Finish shaving without cutting yourself. Just take your time, and click and drag the razor slowly and carefully. Too fast, and you'll get a painful looking welt.

Legion of Karaoke Commendation - Driving Section
To get this achievement, you must click a majority of the correct lyrics. The song the main character is trying to remember is "One Vision" by Queen. The correct choices are as follows:
- One Man
- One Goal
- One Mission
- One Heart
- One Soul
- Just One Solution
- One Flash
- Of Light
- Yeah, One God, One Vision
- One Flesh, One Bone, One True Religion
- One Voice, One Hope, One Real Decision
- Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, Wooo
- Gimme One Vision

Driving Operations Award - Driving Section
Don't crash your car. When it seems like you are veering off the road, click and drag the steering wheel to redirect yourself.

Gallantry In Action - Work Section 1
Generally, treat your co-worker respectfully with a little humor. There are several conversational paths that will earn you this medal. One is the following choices:
- Hi, Jane.
- Is it Morning? I lost track.
- Is he used to it now?
- That's funny, he doesn't look that interesting
- Ever thought you'd be stalking old bearded dudes for a living?
- Your dad any better?
- Anger can be pretty dehabilitating.

Meritorious Surveillance - Work Section 1
Keep your eye on the suspect. Don't lose him or fire without permission. Click the screen to re-center the satellite on him.

Husband Good Conduct - Break Section
Again, there are several ways to earn this medal. Generally, choose options that make you sound like a good husband, and don't inhale too much smoke at one time. The following selections will earn it for you:
- What'd the doctor say about Mikey?
- That's good. It's probably just that he's bored in school.
- Nice to hear your voice.
- I didn't wake you last night, did I?
- It's classified... but it rhymes with Taliban.

Valorous Flirting In Combat - Work Section 2
Choose options that are flirtatious, but not too aggressive. There are several conversational paths that will earn this medal, the following is one:
- Delusional thinking is the refuge of the losing side.
- Nope. Why? You want to do something?
- On paper, anyway.
- Sometimes it feels like she doesn't even LIKE me.
- Maybe it's time for me to start a new chapter.
- Yeah, for sure.
- Sensor Copy: Missile On
- Sensor: Laser On

Death From Above Merit - Work Section 2
Follow the suspect around with the satellite, turn on laser guidance when instructed, don't ask questions, and kill the suspect.

Distinguished Gaming Service - Gaming Section
Defeat all enemies on both FPS screens. Just keep an eye on the radar in the upper right, and remember that head shots are better.

Honorable Dad Unit - Gaming Section
Pick honest responses that make you seem genuinely interested in your son's life and condition. There are several different conversations paths you can take. One possible path is as follows:
- No those are for the grunts. Your dad's a little higher up than that.
- Surveillance information is the best weapon we have.
- What'd the doctor say?
- It's ADHD
- Did he suggest you stop playing games?
- Ha! No, we can't get killed.
- It's not cheating. We have better technology, it'd be stupid not to use it.
- These games don't mean anything if there's no chance of dying.
- They're Nazis.
- Yep, they were the worst ever.
- He wouldn't talk about the war.
- He didn't like to brag.
- Sunday? For sure, buddy!


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