Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Theropods: Walkthrough Guide

Theropods: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Theropods
Firepit scene
- Climb the tree.
- Retrieve the spear.
- Use the spear and knock the nest down.
- After that, keep kicking the branch until it breaks.
- Continue left to next scene.

Walking Through The Forest Scene
- Continue left to proceed, there's not much to see here.
- Pick up the feather.
- Continue left to proceed.
- Move the giant leaves.
- Take the section of intestine from the dead dinosaur.
- Continue left to next scene.

Beehive Scene
- Pick up the rock.
- Kick the tree, and some honey will ooze out from the beehive.
- Dip the rock in the honey, then feed it to the small dinosaur.
- Pick up the spiky fruit.
- Wrap the guts around the stump, launch the fruit at the triceratops.

The Pit Scene
- Leap to the branch and lower the lianas.
- Collect a piece of fruit growing beside you, then combine it with the feather.
- Just after the adult triceratops stomps, tell your friend to climb.
- As he's climbing click the vine again to swing him to the side of the cliff.
- Tell him to push down the cracked open fruit, you have launched earlier on.
- Then tell him to pass you the bone on the ground.
- Combine the dart blower with the feather-fruit-dart and shoot the adult triceratops.


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