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There Is No Game: Walkthrough Guide

There Is No Game: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on There Is No Game
The Introduction
- Click on the "O" on "There Is No Game" title 10 times.
- Drag and drop the "O" on the ground, 10 times to bring the mute button onto the screen.
- Click on the mute button 2 times.
- Click on the random flashing mute button around the screen.
- Drag and drop the "O" to smash open the wooden box of the mute button to destroy it.
- Drag and drop the metal box once to reveal the two screws on the black screen.
- Click and hold until both screws are out.
- Pick up the letters and form "GAME" on the blanks.

The Minigame
- Play the minigame "Breakout", using the mouse to drag and release the platform.
- The ball will be destroyed by the narrator.
- Drag and drop the ball from the side into anywhere into the field.
- Continue play. As you clean up all the bricks, glitches will appear.

The Glitches
- Drag and hold over the trophy over to the right arrow.
- Pick up the letters and spell out "GOAT" on the blanks.
- Click on the arrow on the right side of the screen to move to the next screen.
- Once you have finished the dialog, click on the arrow on the left to go back to the title screen.
- You will see a key flying above the screen.
- This time, use the letters to spell out "TREE" and a tree will spawn.
- Drag and hold over the trophy over to the right and collect the water where the goat is.
- Hold the trophy under the waterfall to fill it with water.
- While still holding onto the trophy, move it over to the left side of the screen to go back to the title screen.
- Continue filling the trophy with water and dropping it on the tree two more times.
- Repeat this step another 3 times.

The Finale
- Click on the arrow at the top of the screen to move to the top screen.
- Click on the nut and the right bottom of the tree 10 times.
- Once the nuts have fallen, head back down to the title screen.
- To crack the nut open, drag and drop the metal box onto it.
- Drag and hold the nut to move to the top screen and feed the squirrel.
- Doing this, the squirrel will let go of another key.
- Head back down, then drag and hold the key to save the goat on the right side of the screen.
- Hold the key over the goat to free the goat.
- Continue through the narrative.
- Lastly, choose "YES" to forgive or "NO" if you don't.
- The end!


  1. thx for the walkthrough.

    1. Yeah. The walkthrough was extremely helpful.

  2. Really appreciate it

  3. Did anyone notice the n from no was gone

  4. When I played the game there was no trophy ?? Why??

    1. Finish the left game first. You'll get trophy there

  5. Amartya Adarsh 007July 10, 2017 at 10:42 PM

    The awesome game I had ever played.
    There amount of enjoyment it gives in a very short period of time is much more than the GTA's and Hitman's game.
    Wonderful Work.

  6. Thx a lot! This really helped.

  7. Uh summa lumma dumma lummaSeptember 27, 2017 at 4:28 PM


    1. You're crazy!! This game rocks!!!!!

  8. wonderful game and yeah thnx for the guide

  9. i feel bad for him.... i mean i did all that clicking when he said to not.....

  10. I wrote "GAME" with the letters but it didn't do anything.

  11. I shoved my finger up my ass but nothing happened

  12. thx for the guide I tried to do it without the guide it got confusing

  13. thx, that really helped me. I was stuck at part where the narrator was like "this tree is very small. if only there was some way to get water to it." I had only one brick left and at that moment realized that you can use the little line thing to help the ball break bricks. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.

  14. Replies
    1. drop the metal box on the nut

  15. thank you so much for this

  16. I think that at the end if you say "yes" there should be more to the game. Like maybe a next "not" level. If you continue to forgive the weird guy that talks throughout the whole time there's more to the game. If you select "no" then it's the end!! Just an idea!! I hope that you might take this idea into consideration!!!!(:

    1. I like your idea it's good thinking.

  17. I don't know how you came up with this game but it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I feel like it ended too quickly, otherwise it was the funniest game ever

  19. how do you crack the nut on the box