Saturday, 28 January 2017

There Is No Game: Walkthrough Guide

There Is No Game: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on There Is No Game
- Click on the 'O' on "There Is No Game" 10 times.
- Drag and drop the 'O' on the ground, 10 times.
- Click on the mute button 2 times.
- Click on the random flashing mute button.
- Drag and drop the 'O' to smash open the wooden box.
- Drag and drop the metal box once to reveal two screws.
- Click and hold until both screws are out.
- Pick up the letters and form "game" on the blanks.
- Play the game "breakout", until the creator destroys the ball.
- Drag and drop the ball from the side into anywhere in the field.
- Continue play until you clean up all the bricks.
- Drag and hold over the trophy over to the right.
- Pick up the letters and form "goat" on the blanks.
- Proceed right.
- Once you have finished the dialog, head left.
- Pick up the letters and form "tree" on the blanks.
- Drag and hold over the trophy over to the right and collect the water, then head back and drop on your tree.
- Repeat this step, 3 times.
- Proceed top.
- Click on the nut and the right bottom of the tree, 10 times.
- Head back down, and use the metal box to crack open the nut.
- Drag and hold the nut up, and feed the squirrel.
- Head back down, then drag and hold the key to save the goat on the right.
- Choose "yes" to forgive, "no" if you don't.
- The end!


  1. thx for the walkthrough.

  2. Really appreciate it

  3. Did anyone notice the n from no was gone

    1. yeah..... and oh was spelled wrong the entire game. they spelled it h-o

  4. Yea, the h from there too.

  5. When I played the game there was no trophy ?? Why??

    1. Finish the left game first. You'll get trophy there

  6. Amartya Adarsh 00710 July 2017 at 22:42

    The awesome game I had ever played.
    There amount of enjoyment it gives in a very short period of time is much more than the GTA's and Hitman's game.
    Wonderful Work.

  7. Thx a lot! This really helped.

  8. Uh summa lumma dumma lumma27 September 2017 at 16:28


  9. wonderful game and yeah thnx for the guide

  10. i feel bad for him.... i mean i did all that clicking when he said to not.....

  11. I wrote "GAME" with the letters but it didn't do anything.

  12. best game everry hands down

  13. I shoved my finger up my ass but nothing happened

  14. thx for the guide I tried to do it without the guide it got confusing

  15. thx, that really helped me. I was stuck at part where the narrator was like "this tree is very small. if only there was some way to get water to it." I had only one brick left and at that moment realized that you can use the little line thing to help the ball break bricks. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.