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The Museum: Walkthrough Guide

The Museum: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Museum
- Take that Telescope in the mailbox outside museum.
- Pick up the Coin on the ground right after cage entrance.
- Enter the museum.
- Take the Walking stick on the bottom left the room, head back to Red Room.
- Get the Photo camera on the second bottom room, head back to Red Room.
- Take the Lamp in the bottom right room.
- Click on the paint of Napoleon. Click on little fabric right under the bridle and then collect the key.
- Head back to Red Room.
- Click on the Shield at the left post of the door to Gallery.
- Enter the Gallery.
- Take the Flower, which is hanging on the left wall.
- Use the Photo camera and take pictures of the gallery.
- Go outside and use Lamp to shine.
- Go to the fountain which is on the right.
- Take the Crown on the head of Cupido.
- Throw Coin in the Fountain to collect a Key #2.
- Go back to the labyrinth, then go to the tree at the left.
- Click on the tree trunk, and pick up the 3 Hazelnuts.
- Feed them to the squirrel with all the hazelnut. It will throw up one Microchip at you.
- Click and talk to the squirrel; the answer is PARIS.
- Click on the Bay leaves on the head of the statue.
- Enter small entrance at the top of the maze and collect the Medaillon.
- Go all the way outside the museum and take the Excalibur.

- Enter the Red Room.
- Now you can put things together.
- Go to the 1st room (top left) - Excalibur's sword.
- Go to the 2nd room (top centre) - Crown.
- Take the 2rd Microchip on the seat.
- Go to the 3rd room (top right) - Walking stick.
- Use key on golden door to collect the 3rd Microchip
- Go to the 1st room (bottom left) - Bay leaves.
- Go to the 2nd room (bottom centre) - Shield.
- Go to the 3rd room (bottom right) - Telescope.
- Try using the microchips with the small slot on the sunglasses.
- Click on each pink dot in front of each entrance.
- 6 thin lines appear from out of the green circle of the centre. If so, then click the green circle.
- Enter the Gallery and click light switch in the middle.
- Stairs appear and go downstairs.
- Use Key #2 on door 2.
- Once you are inside this room, do no click the bombs!!
- Click the top drawer on your left and collect a Red Box.
- Click the right side of the Red Box, then click the top of the Bullet, retrieve the Pearl.
- Head back to the hidden hallway, and click on door 3.
- Change 00-0-0000 into 26-8-1789 and enter.
- Talk to the lady inside. After dialogue gives the flower, then after 2nd dialogue give the Pearl
- A secret door appears.
- Click the Secret Door, go back to the labyrinth.
- Click the small entrance on top of the maze where you found the medallion, then click the river.
- The end.


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