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The Casino: Walkthrough Guide

The Casino: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Casino
- From main lobby in the casino, go to the cloakroom.
- Click on the eyes a couple of times and get the banana
- Go across to the hallway bank. Pick up a gold coin near the left row of slot machines, not needed but you can kill some time playing the slots. Note the total number of slot machines in the main lobby. 12.
- Talk to the banker and enter 12 at the prompt. You now have permission to go upstairs.
- Go to the poker table. Talk to the dealer. He wants to know which player he's betting on. When the dialogue ends, a fly comes out. When it lands on anyone of the players cards, click that player. You get some money.
- Go back down to the bar. Talk to the bartender and order champagne. Pay with the "500" currency. When he serves you a glass, click on the white object in the glass and get a blue "A&C" chip. He'll give you change and expect a tip "Hmmm Hmmm." Give him the change he returned to you, and he'll give you a tip for the roulette table. Play #10.
- Before going back upstairs to play roulette, stop at the slot machines to the left of the bar and insert the blue A&C chip. Get a silver button. Go back upstairs to the roulette table.
- Click on the roulette wheel with the "100" chip. When wheel opens, click on 10. When it comes up, you get a blue apple card.
- Talk to the guy just left of the roulette dealer and got a riddle. There no need to solve the riddle to finish the game. I didn't solve the riddle.
- Go back to the bank. Talk to the guy and give the guy the blue apple card and get a map.
- Open the map and click on the house on the top left.
- Click on the left hole under the porch several times and get a purple square with a hole in it and a banana. Go inside the house.
- Open the small box on the floor in the group of three and get a banana. Then close all three boxes in the group and open the small box sitting on top of the larger box and get a key.
- Go to the 1st-floor bedroom and get the patch cord from the nightstand. Leave
- Go to the bathroom to the right of the living room and tug the metal thing from the shower pipe and take the glass from the bathroom counter. Leave.
- Go to the kitchen. And place the silver button from the slot machine in the hole of the microwave. Put the silver thing from the bathroom shower in the microwave and hit the red button. The wave blows up, but you get a stone puzzle piece for later. Exit the kitchen.
- Go to the upstairs bedroom
- Click the painting on the left to get another banana and reveal a safe. You don't have to open the safe to finish the game. I don't even have the code.
- Open your map and go back to the casino.
- Give the bartender the glass from the bathroom and get another stone puzzle piece.
- Open your map and go to the middle building.
- Enter the Hammam room at getting the stone puzzle piece from the bench. Exit.
- Go the Jacuzzi. Put the purple thing in the square and click it to turn on the Jacuzzi. A faint image will appear in the mirror in the lower right. Click on it to see some text "8th book in the 3rd" a clue for later.

- Remove the small plate from the base of the wall in the rear and get another banana. Exit.
- Go up the stairs to the left of the Jacuzzi.
- Go up the stairs by stepping on the center dot, left, center, then right. If you do it wrong, it will just send you back outside to try again. It's pretty much a trial and error thing.
- At the top of the stairs, take your key and unlock the door.
- You are in a computer room.
- This part is difficult to explain because I'm not sure what I experienced, but plug your patch cord into the wall. The computer to the rear of the room needs a passcode. I didn't have one but not entering a code does not prevent you from finishing the game. Move on.
- Click on the left computer. Play the game. Again, not sure what playing the game has on the overall outcome, but you need to blow up all of the objects in the "Office" by clicking on them repeatedly. Have fun for a few minutes. When the high scores show up at the end, click on "Quitter" at the bottom of the screen and return to the computer room.
- Go upstairs in the attic and click on the purple book on the top shelf and get a text clue "13 notches and the key is yours".
- Open the blue box on the left and get a banana.
- Open your map and go the Mill on the right.
- Pull the lever 13 times and a key will appear on the paddle wheel. Take and unlock the mill door.
- Solve the puzzle to the rear of the room to reveal a ladder.
- All rows, horizontal diagonal and vertical have to add to 15.
- Top row 492, middle row 357, bottom row 816.
- Go up the ladder. Put the stone pieces in the mural and click the guy's red nose. Another ladder.
- Go up the ladder and give each monkey a banana, you should have 6.
- Lasers open a door. Exit. You are done except for reading the text conversations.
- Cheers!


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