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Quick Quests: Walkthrough Guide

Quick Quests: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Quick Quests
Quick Quests is an addictive little 5 minute RPG. You're given a random mission every time you start a new game, then you have 5 minutes to strengthen your character by gathering equipment which consist of 7 levels of swords and shields, and then either defeat a certain enemy or collect a certain item. Besides the time, you're also limited by the amount of steps you can take. After 500 steps the game is over. Also, when in a battle, 1 turn equals 1 step. Try to identify the shortest path to your target whether is items, potions, food or monsters!

Speaking of battles, they are all automatic. The result is determined by the levels of your sword and shield, and I think also by the amount of yellow potions you've gotten. Also, red potions refill all your hit points. If you run out of hit points in a battle and have one of those on hand, you will use it. Now, I believe the aforementioned yellow potions make you stronger(similar to leveling up), but I'm not sure because the game doesn't explain what anything does.

There are various items you can find scattered all over ground. Most of them only give you points, but food items restore your HP. Sometimes your mission requires you to find and acquire a certain portrait as well. There are achievements you can earn, and by clicking on "achievements" near the top of the title screen above "Let's Go!" you are taken to a room where you can see the ones you've earned.

Quick Quests is quite dependent on luck to win. It basically come up to whether you found good enough items, grabbed enough potions, and was lucky enough to see your target before your turns ran out. You're best off spending the first half of your moves avoiding enemies. Just gather weapons and potions while searching for your quest target. This is one method.

Or you can try to find better weapons and shields while beating level 1 monsters only, until you are level 2. Then with 2-3 potions, try attempt to beat as many level 1 & 3 monsters as possible. Meanwhile, searching for food to eat, collect 4-5 potions and hopefully managed to find level 6/7 weapon and shield. At character level 4 and with around 5-6 points, train mainly on level 3 monsters at the time. You can attempt to fight level 5 ones, however not recommended as you will tend to waste all your potions away. With at least 8 potions, searching for your quest target and complete the quick quest!


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