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How Smart Are You?: Walkthrough Guide

How Smart Are You?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on How Smart Are You?
1.1 Dummy Filter
Walk through the door with "True" written over it. Remember: Green is good!

1.2 Boxes
Pick up the boxes and check each with the X-Ray machine. Since "7" is the only door number that's inside a box, that's the door you should go through.

1.3 Riddle
"When the wolves howl and owls awake, it is visible in the sky." Type in the password: MOON

1.4 The Eye!
The eye is a motion detector and will send you back if it spots you. Move little bits at a time and halt when the eye opens, and you'll be able to get through the door.

1.5 Your Place In The World
The numbers in the center in the room tell the coordinates of your position. The door with "13,1" written over it is the only one with accurate coordinates, so that is the door to go through.

2.1 Buttons Play
In this rooms pattern, the segment on the right of the shape will rotate clockwise 45 degrees. Hit the button third from the left, and you'll be able to pass through the door.

2.2 Color Combination
The screen shows various shapes, but the colors of them are always the same order: green, blue, purple, orange. Place the planks in the compartments in that order to open the gate.

2.3 Train
Hit the lever, and the train will activate the lights in the order yellow, red, yellow, red. Go through the door with that pattern above it, third from the top.

2.4 Funny Floor
The "Funny Floor" shuts the door whenever you try to walk on it. Use the lever to rotate the platform so you can walk on one of the dividing line segments to the door.

2.5 Brick by Brick
Use the computer console. Switch the pictures around, so that left to right, the pictures go from one line segments, two line segments, three line segments, four line segments, then five line segments.

3.1 Rules
There is a chessboard here that you can walk across. Since you can move horizontally and vertically, that means you should enter the door with the rook/castle overhead.

3.2 Tape Examining
Looking at the rotating belts, only one door has a shape/color combination which appears. Enter the door with the blue diamond.

3.3 Examine Details
Each of the five metal plates as a letter on it that corresponds to placement in the password that will open the door, A-E. The password is 92645. Also, you can zoom in on the scribbles above the microscope to read a secret message.

3.4 Hidden Number
The four numbers in the room, 8, 21, 34 and 47, go up by 13 each time. Enter the door with "13" written above it.

3.5 Let's Be Friends
The five letters in the room can be rearranged to spell the word UNITY, which will unlock the doors. Go through the door with "1" written above.

4.1 Tales
To complete this room, you must enter the four doors on top in the order that completes the story of the warrior being called to battle, then die. Each time you enter the correct door, a segment is added to the totem pole. From left to right, the correct order of doors to enter is 3124.

4.2 Connection
Use the console and switch the images to show the correct food chain from left to right: Grass, Grasshopper, Frog, Snake, Eagle. This will unlock the gate.

4.3 Time is Everything
On the spinning clock, note that the hour hand flashes green when it points to one of the numbers (11, 4, 9, or 6) that appears above the doors. You must enter a door after its number flashes, but before another door number is triggered.

4.4 Inside Beauty
Moving each of the panels into the line of the laser will reveal a letter on each: FOUR. Enter the door with four dots above it.

4.5 Damn Bugs!
Nope, this is not a bug. Press 'R', then reload the browser window and you will have completed this room. Very "This Is The Only Level", guys.

5.1 Dancing Triangles
As the colored triangles move about the screen, only one will flash at a point that correlates with its respective door. Enter the door with the purple triangle marked above it.

5.2 Whole Lotta Numbers
As the laser reveals the hidden colors of each number, only one number will have a color that's the same as the one over a door. Enter the door with the cyan 24 above it.

5.3 Squares Puzzle
Each line and column of squares have a color pattern repeated throughout the grid. Though the square with the question mark is empty, logically, it should contain a purple square, and therefore, you should head through the purple door.

5.4 Line by Line
To open the gate, you must walk over the buttons in the order that makes the green line move from the bottom of the display, to the top. In order, the buttons are top right, bottom left, top left, top center, bottom right.

5.5 Astronomy Adventures
Only one constellation both appears in the star chart and is visible through the telescope: enter the door with the constellation that looks a bit like a bird, third from the top.

6.1 Floor Drawings
Each button will reveal a hidden web of letter/color combinations that attach to the doors. Only one correct door letter/color combination can be properly connected to on each of the charts: enter the door with the cyan N written above it.

6.2 Think Outside The Room
Crossing the laser will shut the door on the other side of the room. What you must do is use the hint console and skip to the next room (which you can do without penalty). In room 6.3, there is a laser lever you can flip to disable the laser in 6.2. Walk back to 6.2 and cross the room to exit.

6.3 Smells Good
Each button you walk over will reveal either a number above the doors, a picture of food in front of each door or nothing. You can use the box in the room to hold down one of the buttons if you need to. Suffice to say; you should enter the top door, which has "3.14" written above, and a picture of pie in front of it.

6.4 Road of Truth
Each of the five buttons will reveal a sequence of shapes. You must choose the sequence that you can follow and repeat from the entryway, up to the bridge. The proper sequence to display and follow is Circle, Square, Triangle, Pentagon. Be sure that you follow the pattern right from the beginning, or else the bridge may drop out on you.

6.5 Glass of Disguise
Walking behind each pane will reveal color and shape combinations on the wheel in the center of the screen. In particular, the second from the left will display shapes with the same color as the ones above the door. In this wheel, the yellow circle has a green background. Like it said at the beginning, green is good, so head through the door with the yellow circle.

Easter Eggs on How Smart Are You?
You may have noticed that each room has one or two letters hidden in the background. When taken in order, the letters spell: "Ooou! So you noticed my secret message! Good good!"


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