Monday, January 2, 2017

Heimerdinger: Pros & Cons

Heimerdinger: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Heimerdinger
- Heimerdinger has a very decent burst potential and scaling.
- Heimerdinger is one of the best pushers by far in the game.
- Heimerdinger is one of the champions that are hard to lane against when played correctly.
- Heimerdinger can actually 1 versus 2, turning a surprise gank into kills.
- Heimerdinger is able to take down easily take down jungle camps at level 1 if needed.
- Heimerdinger is not a common pick, therefore underestimated by most players.
- Heimerdinger brings a lot of objective control to the team, taking down towers, dragons, and barons really fast.
- Heimerdinger can solo dragons effortlessly and sneak a 20-minute Baron with another teammate.
- Heimerdinger can be super versatile with his 3 ultimates, you can zone, burst, disrupt, counter engage depending on situations.
- Heimerdinger's turret offers great zoning potential, especially with Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

- Bad turret placement can be devastating to Heimerdinger especially facing assassin champions.
- Jungler tends to gank on Heimerdinger more frequent because he can push waves quicker.
- Heimerdinger has no escape abilities at all and also terrible movement speed.
- Heimerdinger is very dependent on turrets to do any meaningful impact during team fights.
- Heimerdinger is considered quite squishy and vulnerable even with a full build.
- Heimerdinger's attacking animation is not the smoothest in the game, the last hitting can be a challenge.
- Heimerdinger only form of crowd control which is his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade can be hard to land.
- Heimerdinger suffers heavily against burst and assassins champion from mid to late game.
- Heimerdinger can feel difficult to play as you are required to think ahead of enemy behaviour.
- If Heimerdinger falls behind, it can be almost impossible to catch back up as your turrets will get destroyed within 1-2 hits.


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