Friday, January 6, 2017

Fairy Clay: Walkthrough Guide

Fairy Clay: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Fairy Clay
Scene #1
- Click the hanging purple thing five times.
- Click the orange guy twice.
- Click the salami on top of the dresser.
- Click the dresser twice, until the salami falls off.
- Click the salami.
- Click the chest.
- Click the trapdoor.

Scene #2
- Keep walking right until you see a lift. Click the controls to go halfway up.
- Click the pole of the lift to shimmy down it.
- Click the bomb-shaped thing at the base with the lightning bolt symbol to see a fuse box.
- Unplug the second, fourth, and fifth fuses on the top. If you've unplugged the correct fuses, it will cut to an animation of the lift going all the way to the top.
- Click the fuse box again and change it so that only the first, second, and fifth plugs are connected. It should bring the lift all the way down.
- Use the lift controls to go up.
- Walk over to the ladder and click near the top part to climb it.
- Observe the number and colour of the buds on the tree.
- Go all the way back down to the pump controls (to the left on the purple man). Enter in the code "4320" based on the flowers.
- Go back up to the tree and click the large round nut.
- Go down the ladder and click near the bottom of the ladder to roll it over to the other ledge.
- Click the top of the ladder to climb it.
- Click the nut.
- Click the bird.
- Click the door.

Scene #3
- Click the elephant on the counter. This tile puzzle is probably the hardest part of the game. The button on the left makes a click rotate a piece, the one on the right make a click swap pieces. Screenshot of the solution.
- Click on the elephant box that appears. Make an elephant where the colour of the different parts is different from every other elephant on the shelf in the upper left. The elephant will automatically be lifted away.
- Multiply the rocket price on the cash register by the number under the "buy" column in the price list. You should get 7749.
- Click the flower in the vase.
- Click the calculator.
- Enter in 07749.
- The end!


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