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Do You Know Flash Games?: Walkthrough Guide

Do You Know Flash Games?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Do You Know Flash Games?
300 Miles to Pigsland
Qns: What do pigs collect in 300 Miles to Pigsland? Ans: Coins
Qns: What do pigs wear for protection in 300 Miles to Pigsland? Ans: Helmets
Qns: What of these is not the pig's equipment in 300 Miles to Pigsland? Ans: Shotgun
Qns: Which flying animals are dangerous to pigs in 300 Miles to Pigsland? Ans: Birds

99 Bricks
Qns: The elements os what classic game are featured in 99 Bricks? Ans: Tetris

Age of War
Qns: How many epochs are there in the Age of War? Ans: 5
Qns: What is the Future superweapon in the Age of War? Ans: Orbital bombardment

Air Battle
Qns: How to open the exit in the Air Battle? Ans: Destroy all the airships
Qns: What is the only vulnerable part of the airship in Air Battle? Ans: Balloons
Qns: What of these tactics can't help you win in the Air Battle? Ans: Crash the cockpit

Air Traffic Chief
Qns: The trajectory of what flights in Air Traffic Chief you can't alter? Ans: Special flights

Qns: Which of these elements is not given initially in Alxemy? Ans: Snow

Qns: What animal pops the Bloons? Ans: Monkey

Blosics 2
Qns: How many different sizes of the ball are there in Blosics 2? Ans: 4

Bouncy Fire Fighters
Qns: Which classic game's mechanic is utilized in Bouncy Fire Fighters? Ans: Arkanoid
Qns: Who disturbs the jumping firemen in Bouncy Fire Fighters? Ans: Birds

Bridge Tactics 2
Qns: What are you expected to do with the bridge in Bridge Tactics? Ans: Explode
Qns: The war of approximately what period is featured in Bridge Tactics? Ans: World War II
Qns: What do you use to ignite the fuse in Bridge Tactics 2? Ans: Sniper's Rifle

Bubble Tanks 2
Qns: Which tank can disassemble? Ans: Ghost Sniper Tank

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
Qns: How many basic towers combine to make a Mega Mega tower in Bubble Tanks: TD? Ans: 16

Burrito Bison Revenge
Qns: What was the reason for Burrito Bison to return to Candyland? Ans: Wallet
Qns: Which Gummies should Burrito Bison avoid? Ans: Policemen
Qns: What does Burrito Bison smash? Ans: Gummies

Bustabrain 2
Qns: What are you asked to find besides solving the puzzles in Bustabrain 2? Ans: Dice

Qns: Who is the cannon's projectile in Catopult? Ans: Cat
Qns: What kind of food don't the cats eat in Catopult? Ans: Spaghetti

Qns: What is the minimal amount of robots to pass this level of Chronotron? Ans: 2

Company of Myself
Qns: What does the main hero of the Company of Myself wear on his head? Ans: Hat
Qns: Who helps the main character of the Company of Myself? Ans: His own copies

Collapse It
Qns: What is not used to kill people in the Collapse It? Ans: Poisonous gas

Claytus Hood Tower Defense
Qns: Who is the boss of the first level of Claytus Tower Defense? Ans: Snake
Qns: What are you initial enemies in Claytus Tower Defense? Ans: Pigeons
Qns: What should you defend in Claytus Tower Defense? Ans: Farm

Qns: The music of what style is playing in ClickPlay? Ans: Jazz
Qns: Where is the play button hiding on this level of ClickPlay? Ans: In the flower
Qns: What is the minimal amount of clicks required to pass this level of Clickplay? Ans: 2
Qns: How many games of the ClickPlay series had been released by the end of 2011? Ans: 4

Qns: What do you launch in Cloudy? Ans: Paper Plane
Qns: What doesn't affect the flight in Cloudy? Ans: Birds

Cover Orange 2
Qns: Which items aren't dropped by you to cover the orange? Ans: Stars
Qns: What should you protect the oranges from in the Cover Orange? Ans: Rain
Qns: What fruits, besides oranges, should you protect in Cover Orange? Ans: Apples

Cursed Treasure
Qns: What do you protect from stealing in Cursed Treasure? Ans: Gems
Qns: What of these you don't build for defense in Cursed Treasure? Ans: Trench

Crumbled 2
Qns: What is dangerous in Crumbled 2? Ans: Pencil
Qns: How to create the platforms in Crumbled 2? Ans: Draw

Damn Birds
Qns: What should you defend in the Damn Birds? Ans: Statue

Qns: How many types of orders you can give dibble in Dibbles? Ans: 8
Qns: What is the max height in Dibbles, from which the dibble can fall without any harm? Ans: 3
Qns: What is used to give orders to a dibble in Dibbles? Ans: Stones
Qns: Whose safe walking must be provided in Dibbles? Ans: King

Dino Panic
Qns: Who is your enemy in Dino Panic? Ans: Dinosaur
Qns: How many creatures do you control in Dino Panic? Ans: 2
Qns: What do you collect in Dino Panic? Ans: Gems

Qns: Who is Draka? Ans: Spider

Duck Life 3
Qns: What skill is trained on this level of Duck Life 3? Ans: Swimming

Dude and the Zombies
Qns: What should you repair while defending from zombies in the Dude and the Zombies? Ans: Car

Qns: What game features the planet with the elastic surface? Ans: E7

Electric Box 2
Qns: What source of energy is not used in Electric Box 2? Ans: Tidal Wave

Elephant Quest
Qns: Who is not the enemy in Elephant Quest? Ans: Sailor
Qns: What greeting is often addressed to the main character in Elephant Quest? Ans: Helloaphant
Qns: What do Famous Balloon Brothers ask the player to collect in Elephant Quest? Ans: Balloons

Elite Forces: Clones
Qns: Which building in Elite Forces: Clones gives your clones a speed boost? Ans: Power plant

Feed the King
Qns: Where is the launching mechanism hidden in the Feed the King? Ans: In the throne
Qns: Who attempts to eat the His Majesty's cakes, in Feed the King? Ans: Birds
Qns: What does His Majesty eat in Feed the King? Ans: Cakes

Qns: What should you collect in the FireBug? Ans: Beans
Qns: What does the FireBug do with the wood? Ans: Sets on fire

Flood Runner 3
Qns: Which animal can you ride while escaping from the flood in Flood Runner 3? Ans: Dragon

Fortress Magnus
Qns: Who is your enemy in the Fortress Magnus? Ans: Mechs
Qns: Who falls from the sky and should be caught in Fortress Magnus? Ans: Princess

Frantic Frigates
Qns: Who are your initial enemies in Frantic Frigates? Ans: Snarks

Qns: What destroys your balloons in Higher? Ans: Bombs

Hungry Sumo
Qns: What will happen to the eating sumo, if he collides with the enemy? Ans: Will shrink and switch side

Game of Life
Qns: Who invented the Game of Life? Ans: Conway

Qns: Where do the characters of Georganism live? Ans: Atoll

Gravitee Wars
Qns: How many planets are there on the first level of Gravitee Wars? Ans: 3
Qns: What of this is not the way to kill your enemy in Gravitee Wars? Ans: Give him a candy
Qns: Which weapon in the Gravitee Wars can not hit the enemy behind the planet? Ans: Sniper rifle

Qns: What weapon is used to save the hanged people in Gibbets? Ans: Bow

Great Game 1/5
Qns: How many times will the progress bar fill before the Great Game 1/5 loads? Ans: 3

Greens Survive only when Reds Die
Qns: The astronauts of what color should survive the GSOWRD? Ans: Green

GunBall 2
Qns: How many slots for the weapon does the GunBall have? Ans: 4

Hello Worlds!
Qns: What do you collect in Hello, Worlds? Ans: Coins

Hex Empire
Qns: What is the maximum army size in Hex Empires? Ans: 99
Qns: Which of the Hex Empir's countries really exists? Ans: Greenland
Qns: What sign is not used as an army icon in Hex Empires? Ans: Plane
Qns: What is the name of the red country in Hex Empires? Ans: Redosia
Qns: How many times per game you can give a speech to raise the morale of your army in Hex Empires? Ans: 1

High Tea
Qns: To what country do you sell drugs in the High Tea? Ans: China
Qns: For how many years does the campaign in the High Tea last? Ans: 10

Hoshi Saga 3
Qns: What should you find on each level of Hoshi Saga? Ans: Star

How to Make a Game
Qns: How is the level's aim marked in How to Make a Game? Ans: Red flag

Hungry Sumo
Qns: Which sumo is the most vicious when small? Ans: Oni sumo

Icy Fishes
Qns: Which animal catches the fish in Icy Fishes? Ans: Octopus

Qns: What is the rocket's aim in Into Space? Ans: Moon
Qns: How many levels of engine upgrades are there in Into Space? Ans: 6
Qns: What objects won't disturb your flight in Into Space? Ans: Birds

Qns: What of these is not dangerous for the player in Invertion? Ans: Doors

Jelly Cannon
Qns: Where does the Jelly Cannon game take place? Ans: Kitchen

Kingdom Rush
Qns: Which building in Kingdom Rush upgrades to Tesla X104? Ans: Dwarven Bombard
Qns: Which soldiers can't be deployed to the battlefield in Kingdom Rush? Ans: Hoplites
Qns: What will happen to a sheep in Kingdom Rush, if you click on it quickly? Ans: Will explode
Qns: What is the special ability of the Ranger's Hideout in Kingdom Rush? Ans: Poisonous arrows

Knight Age
Qns: Which weapon do you use in Knight Age: Christmas? Ans: Lance

Learn to Fly 2
Qns: What is launched in Learn to Fly? Ans: Dummy
Qns: What is No.1 in the kill list in Learn to Fly? Ans: Snowman
Qns: What bird is learning to fly in the Learn to Fly? Ans: Penguin

Little Wheel
Qns: Who is the main character of Little Wheel? Ans: Robot
Qns: What should you repair in the Little Wheel? Ans: Power Generator
Qns: Which accident awakened the main character of Little Wheel? Ans: Lightning Strike

Man with the Invisible Trousers
Qns: What is the name of the main character in the Man with the Invisible Trousers? Ans: James
Qns: How many detectives were there in the Man with the Invisible Trousers before the murder? Ans: 5

Making Monkeys
Qns: What are the monkeys trying to get in Making Monkeys? Ans: Cup of Coffee

Micro-World Games
Qns: What of these games is not about the micro-world? Ans: My Little Army

Mining Truck
Qns: What do you deliver to the factory in Mining Truck? Ans: Minerals

Moby Dick 2
Qns: What color is Moby Dick? Ans: White
Qns: How many types of surface ships are there in Moby Dick 2? Ans: 11
Qns: What is the name of this big flying machine? Ans: Hindenburger

Ninja Painter
Qns: Which profession does the Ninja master in this game? Ans: Painter

Number Ninjas
Qns: What does the Number Ninja use to kill enemy soldiers? Ans: Math symbols

One Button Bob
Qns: Which weapon does One Button Bob use? Ans: Boomerang
Qns: What is the name of this game's main character? Ans: Bob

Outpost Combat 2
Qns: Where do the events of Outpost Combat 2 take place? Ans: Desert

Physics Games
Qns: Which game listed doesn't belong to the series? Ans: Berzerk Ball

Pick And Dig 3
Qns: What is impossible to do for the main hero of Pick And Dig 3? Ans: Jump

Pigs Can Fly
Qns: Where are the cursors of different colours stored in Pigs Can Fly? Ans: In the Bottles
Qns: What should the pig drink to fly in Pigs Can Fly? Ans: Magic Potion

Plumber 2
Qns: Which profession does this game simulate? Ans: Plumber

Pixel 2
Qns: What colour are your enemies in Pixel 2? Ans: White
Qns: How many possible colours for the player are there in Pixel 2? Ans: 4

Pursuit of hat
Qns: What is the main character trying to get in the Pursuit of the Hat? Ans: Hat

Ragdoll Cannon
Qns: Who is the developer of the Ragdoll Cannon series? Ans: Johnny-K

Red Remover
Qns: Shapes of what color should be kept on screen in Red Remover? Ans: Green

Red Storm
Qns: What does the player control in Red Storm? Ans: Mech
Qns: When do the events of Red Storm take place? Ans: 2189
Qns: Where do the events of Red Storm take place? Ans: Mars

Robots vs. Zombies
Qns: What does the player build in Robots vs. Zombies? Ans: Turrets

Running Wizard
Qns: What does the Running Wizard destroy to clear the way for him? Ans: Castles

Qns: What button shifts the space in Shift? Ans: Shift

Qns: Who is the Roman leader in the Siegius? Ans: Caesar
Qns: What is the source of income in Siegius? Ans: Gold Mines
Qns: Which unit in the Siegius has a large shield to protect from arrows? Ans: Defender

Sky Control
Qns: After how many plane crashes does the level restart in Sky Control? Ans: 1

Sky Defender
Qns: What is the name of the main hero in Sky Defender? Ans: Joe
Qns: Which genre does the Sky Defender represent? Ans: Steampunk
Qns: What does the flag increase in Sky Defender? Ans: Hitpoints
Qns: What is the name of the royal governor in Sky Defender? Ans: Fargo

Qns: Which transport do you operate in SkyWire? Ans: Cable Car

Qns: What do players control in SolarMax? Ans: Planets

Snail Bob 2
Qns: Where do the events of the first Snail Bob take place? Ans: Construction area
Qns: What is Snail Bob searching for in the first game? Ans: Home
Qns: To whose birthday does Snail Bob go in the second game? Ans: Grandfather's

Qns: Who is the main character of Snailiad? Ans: Snail

Qns: How many birds species are there in Snoring? Ans: 2
Qns: Which animal isn't represented in Snoring? Ans: Shark
Qns: Which animal should be awaken in Snoring? Ans: Elephant
Qns: Where do the events of Snoring 2 take place? Ans: Wild West

Snow Tree
Qns: How many snowflakes do you initially have in the Snow Tree? Ans: 20000
Qns: What height should you reach in the Snow Tree to get Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Achievement? Ans: 20m

Space Ivan
Qns: What does Space Ivan wear on his helmet? Ans: Ushanka
Qns: What does Space Ivan Play? Ans: Balalayka
Qns: What does Space Ivan drink? Ans: Vodka

Qns: To which game genre does the Starlight belong? Ans: Puzzle

Star Baron
Qns: How many star types are there in Star Baron? Ans: 7
Qns: What type of stars in Star Baron only produces the attacking spaceships? Ans: Naval star

Star Forge
Qns: Which sign marks the block, which unfolds and creates a turret in Star Forge? Ans: Exclamation mark

Qns: Once per how many turns can a special ability be used in SteamBirds? Ans: 2
Qns: In what year does the first aerial combat against the Germans happen in the Steambirds? Ans: 1916
Qns: Which special ability in SteamBirds can damage the plane which is tailing you? Ans: Poisonous gas

Qns: What vehicle do you operate in SteamLands? Ans: Tank

Steer Wheels 3
Qns: What color are the sticky platforms in the Steer Wheels? Ans: Green

Sticky Ninja Academy
Qns: The Academy of what kind of Ninja is featured in this game? Ans: Sticky

Sugar, Sugar
Qns: Where should you gather sugar in Sugar, Sugar? Ans: Cup
Qns: From which punctuation mark is sugar pouring in Sugar, Sugar? Ans: Comma

Sushi Cat 2
Qns: Who is the cat's main enemy in the Sushi Cat 2? Ans: Dog
Qns: How many flips does the flipper bonus in the Sushi Cat 2 give? Ans: 10

Swordfall: Kingdoms
Qns: How many rows are there on the SwordFalls' tactical battlefield? Ans: 5

Tasty Planet
Qns: Where did the tiny ball of grey goo escape from in the Tasty Planet? Ans: Laboratory

Tentacle Wars
Qns: How many tentacles can the Predator cell extend in the Tentacle Wars? Ans: 3

Tesla Death Ray
Qns: What do you use to kill your enemies in Tesla Death Ray? Ans: Electricity

The Green Mission
Qns: What vegetables do you have to paint green in Green Mission? Ans: Tomatoes

The I of It
Qns: What was the other letter which I met while searching for t? Ans: x

The irRegularGame of Life
Qns: Who invented the Game of life? Ans: Conway

Qns: What color are the infected cells in Thingfection? Ans: Red

This is the Only Level
Qns: Who is the main character of This is the Only Level? Ans: Elephant

Top Defense
Qns: What force does the player of the Top Defense represent? Ans: Final Empire
Qns: What catastrophe led to the events of the Top Defense? Ans: Neutron star flare
Qns: How many weapons on the orbital station in the Top Defense do not damage enemies directly? Ans: 2

Track the Ball
Qns: What is the aim in Track the Ball? Ans: Hole
Qns: What will happen in the game Track The Ball, if the ball rolls on the dotted square? Ans: Square becomes solid block

Trafalgar Origins
Qns: In what year do the events of the game Trafalgar Origins take place? Ans: 1805

Upgrade Complete
Qns: What can't be upgraded in Upgrade Complete? Ans: Screen dimensions

Ultimate Chess
Qns: What is the queen's weapon in the Ultimate Chess? Ans: Katana
Qns: How many possible executions can be viewed in the Ultimate Chess? Ans: 50
Qns: Which piece is named differently in the Ultimate Chess? Ans: Knight

Vampire Physics
Qns: What kind of objects can you remove in the Vampire Physics? Ans: Wooden
Qns: Which of these is not dangerous to the vampire in Vampire Physics? Ans: Wooden stakes

Wake the Royalty
Qns: Who doesn't belong to the royal family in Wake the Royalty? Ans: King's mother-in-law

Where is 2012?
Qns: Who is searching for 2012 in Where is 2012? Ans: Santa Claus

William and Sly 2
Qns: Who is Sly in William and Sly? Ans: Fox

Qns: What kind of sport is featured in Wonderputt? Ans: Golf

Qns: What do you use to kill zombies in Zomblast? Ans: Grenades


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