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Boondog: Walkthrough Guide

Boondog: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Boondog
Level 1
- Walk straight across, hopping the gap with X.

Level 2
- Walk across, using Up to climb the walls.

Level 3
- Use X to push the barrel.
- Use Down to get off the first ledge.
- Down then X to get off the second ledge.
- Step on the button on the far right.
- Walk to exit.

Level 4
- X to hop the first gap.
- X, then up to cross the second.
- Walk to the edge, Down, X, Up to cross the third.
- Climb to next ledge then hops across to button remembering to go Down into catgrab before making the last jump.
- Press the button then exit. The drops are short enough you can just keep pressing Down to get to the bottom.

Level 5
- Walk to the left, then repeatedly press Down to get safely to the bottom.

Level 6
- Right, down, and down to press the button on the bottom center.
- Climb to the top where the barrel is. Climb over barrel and push to the left, dropping it off the ledge.
- Push barrel onto button.
- Walk to the right edge, catgrab, then drop to exit.

Level 7
- Climb ledges at right with Up and X.
- Down, X, and Up to cross both gaps.
- Press Down repeatedly to get to the bottom, then push barrel.
- Climb to the button on right. Press button and climb to the top.
- Cross gap and drop down ledges to the left.
- Climb barrel to get to the exit.

Level 8
- Cross gap, then down. Down once more, then Down and Jump to get safely to the bottom.
- Press button.
- Climb on the blue laser, then to the large block above button. Down, X, Down, then press the button.
- Down to the left, then climb on blue laser and on to the exit.

Level 9
- Blue lasers are on timers. Push barrel to the right side of the third pedestal, without letting it fall into a pit.
- Climb and hit the button on the middle level.
- Return to start point and enter the teleporter.
- Jump gap and exit.

Level 10
- Down and X to land on blue laser. Climb to the top of the wall, and Down to go into catgrab.
- As soon as the red laser vanishes, X, and Down to get beneath laser line.
- Down to bottom, then get on the conveyor.
- Hit button.
- Climb to the top and then take conveyor to the right.
- Return to bottom in the same way as before.
- Get on conveyor but press Up when beneath the gap.
- Climb and press the button.
- Climb and return to bottom as before.
- Take conveyor left, climb to very top hit top left button. Return to bottom and exit.

Level 11
- Up then X and repeat to climb left side and drop down the right side.
- Climb center right, drop barrel to the left.
- Climb down, then push barrel left five spaces.
- Climb to exit.

Level 12
- Cross gap, press button.
- Wait for the platform, stop it.
- Face right then Down to catgrap.
- When moving platform is level with fixed platform to the right, X to jump.
- Step up, jump, push the barrel down.
- Drop to bottom.
- Push barrel six spaces.
- Climb, press button, climb down from the right.
- Return to moving the platform, catgrab and jump to the middle platform.
- Climb to the top. Ride slider to exit.

Level 13
- Jump and hang from the first ledge.
- As soon as laser disappears, drop onto the conveyor, ride to next ledge, Up to hang from next ledge.
- Repeat across the screen.
- Drop down, jump to hit the button again. Cross gaps to the barrel, push barrel as far left as you can without dropping it into the pit.
- Return to the button, and press button again to alternate blue lasers. Return to barrel and push left. Repeat until you can drop the barrel on the button in the pit.
- Cross gaps and exit.

Level 14
- The button is a timer, so the trick to this level is getting to the top fast.
- Start by climbing to the top. Drop three barrels off the ledge by pushing barrel right one space to be able to climb over, then climbing over and pushing left.
- Push last barrel right one space.
- Drop down, press button. Climb to the top of a stack of barrels, and from there to top.
- Walk across to exit, climbing over the last barrel.

Level 15
- Climb twice, and over the barrel.
- Step on button and push barrel left off the edge.
- If necessary, step on the button again to turn on blue laser.
- Push barrel right four spaces.
- Return to the button and turn off the blue laser.
- Go down, and stand on the barrel. As soon as laser turns off, climb down and push barrel right. You can move it two or maybe three spaces before the laser comes on again. Climb back on the barrel to wait out the laser.
- Continue until you can reach the right ledge from the barrel.
- Catgrab lowest ledge. As soon as laser disappears, X then Up to get into catgrab on next ledge. Hold that position until the path to next ledge is clear. Repeat until you get to the top.
- Press button on the top left.
- Return to bottom by jumping and using catgrab position to avoid lasers.
- The space on the bottom is too wide to cross without getting vaporized, so use the barrel again to cross safely.
- Climb and cross the gap. Climb over barrel and push left until you can jump through the gap. Exit.

Level 16
- Stand the buttons in the following order, from left to right: 1, 5, 2, 4, 3. Stay on each button until the barrel falls off the conveyor belt.
- Do not step on the fourth button until after the barrel falls off the conveyor for button 2.

Level 17
- Push right barrel on the bottom level to the right wall.
- Push right barrel on top level down the ledge. Climb down and push the same barrel off the ledge again.
- Stand on the same barrel, then face left, Down to catgrab. Jump three gaps to top left button without activating conveyor. If the conveyor activates, go back and push the barrel back to the wall and try again.
- Jump up two levels, push the top right barrel to right off the ledge. Go down and push it off the ledge.
- Go back to top level and drop down the center gap. Continue to center top button, and hold down until the barrel is off the conveyor.
- Return to the conveyor and push barrel off ledge.
- Stand on a stack of barrels and push barrel onto button.
- Stand on the barrel you just dropped, and cross three gaps. Push bottom left barrel to the wall.
- Push top left barrel off two ledges.
- Stand on the barrel you just pushed and then, jump to the top left button.
- Climb, and push the last barrel on top ledge to the left. Climb down and push the same barrel off the ledge again.
- Walk across the top platform to center gap. Go to top center button to activate conveyor. Return to the conveyor and push the barrel into the gap.
- Stand on a stack of barrels and push barrel onto button.
- Cross gap, and push barrel off the ledge to the right.
- Climb down and push the barrel into the gap between buttons.
- Climb to the right of the right stack of barrels. Push bottom barrel off ledge.
- Climb down and push the barrel into the gap to the left of the button.
- Return to a stack of barrels and push bottom barrel off ledge. Climb down and push barrel onto left button.
- Repeat, pushing the last barrel from that stack onto the bottom right button.
- Return to the right and climb to the second level of platforms. Cross over to center button. From there drop to the bottom level and exit.

Level 18
- Push right barrel right. Push left barrel left. The blue laser will disappear. Do nothing and character will hang from the ledge in catgrab.
- Once the barrel is in place, drop.
- Jump OVER button -- if you hit the button you will need to restart.
- Cross gap and climb. Press top left button.
- Climb down and wait for moving the platform to extend. Jump to the platform and from there safely drop to the ground. Move quickly so you get down before the platform retracts.
- Go to the right and climb ledges to exit.

Level 19
- This level is all about timing.
- Get in catgrab position on the center left the platform. As soon as bottom red laser disappears, climb, jump to next platform and get in catgrab position again.
- Once top laser disappears, climb and jump to next ledge.
- Press top left button.
- Wait in catgrab position on the ledge right above top red laser. The moving platform and lasers are not synced, so eventually there will be a point where the lasers will be off, and you can drop onto the platform. Face right and go into catgrab again.
- It may be possible to climb onto the platform as it approaches the right and jumps onto the right platform. If not, you can stand on moving platform and go into catgrab on the opposite side. If you are hanging off the outside of the platform when it hits the stationary platform, you will fall and will have to restart.
- Once safely on the right stationary platform, quickly jump up to the ledge. Climb and press the top right button.
- Again, hang in catgrab position on the ledge just above red laser. As soon as laser disappears, jump onto the platform and drop to exit.

Level 20
- Enter the teleporter.
- Cross gap and enter top right teleporter in that chamber.
- Press button and return through the same teleporter.
- Enter bottom left teleporter in the chamber.
- Enter bottom left teleporter in next chamber you find yourself in.
- Step off teleporter to the left and enter bottom left teleporter.
- Cross gap and stand on the button.
- Drop and enter left teleporter.
- Enter top left teleporter in the new chamber.
- Climb and enter the top left teleporter. Push barrel off ledge.
- Return through the same teleporter. Drop down and enter the bottom teleporter.
- Drop down and enter the bottom right teleporter.
- Push barrel onto button.
- Return through the same teleporter. Enter top left teleporter. In next chamber, enter top left teleporter.
- Jump up and enter the top teleporter. Exit.


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