Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trollface Quest Video Games: Walkthrough Guide

Trollface Quest Video Games: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Trollface Quest Video Games
1: Click on the right gatekeeper and click on the toilet bowl.
2: Click on the ground where the Handheld Portal Device is facing, and above the pot which has the "CAUTION" word on it. Thereafter, click on the blue portal and blow the candle.
3: Click and drag from the platform to the can foods.
4: Click on the guy wearing a hood twice, then click on the caravan twice.
5: Click and drag the shotgun to the right and shoot the monster.
6: Click on the toy bricks four times then click on the child.
7: Click and drag the old guy hiding behind a box to the bicycle, and start moving!
8: Click and drag Scorpion's pants down before the announcement "Trollish Him" ends.
9: Click on the troll face once, then click on the sign above twice.
10: Click and drag the goat to the rear of the rocket, then launch and land the rocket.


  1. Do you mean Trollpion?

  2. Hello and welcome. Really like this game !
    This is mostly a matching game.