Sunday, September 4, 2016 Tips & Tricks #5 Tips & Tricks #5

Tips & Tricks #5 on
#1 Split during the early game!
In the early game, if you feel that the area you are in isn't under much threat, split yourself into multiple cells! As this will increase your rate of travel, along with the speed at which you can collect pellets, and also gives a useful boost to zoom scale, which may help in evading other cells. Doing this early means that you will be able to merge your cells quickly once you encounter an enemy, potentially taking them off guard and being able to consume them yourself. This is best done when you are on a less crowded server or having a bigger cell protecting you.

#2 Know your positioning!
This will become evident as you play, but some positional strategies include. Use your combining action to eat an unaware player. The most dangerous place may sometimes be the safest. Use super-massive players as a shield or loiter as close as possible to viruses, this will make them uninterested in you! Slip between large blobs to avoid getting eaten when they can't fire at each other. Always think a little further where you want to manoeuvre across players and virus cells. You don't have much reaction time in this game, the last thing you ever want is getting eaten and starting over again.

#3 Think like your enemies!
Everybody loves dots, and I also love dots! Take that into account that you're doing serious planning to devour somebody! They're most likely to follow the path with the most dots and players, and that's how most of us thinks. I'm going to repeat that again, and you are no different from any other players. Just go where you would go, the enemies almost always follow the path with the most dots! Secondly, when you and another player are double-teaming somebody, aim your trajectory so that it seems like the enemy will move into you instead of him. This has won me the prize on many occasions, so outsmart them!

#4 Learn to control the controls!
This one sounds silly, but most players aren't conscious of the slight lag the game puts on the controls. When you move back and forth, you can see it in action. It's only a fraction of a second, but crucial. This slight lag is why you find yourself hurling into the enemy without being able to stop. If you learn to control it, you can predict when that is going to happen and prevent a collision. Also don't flee from other players with the predictable path, try to avoid their anticipated direction by using unpredictable ways of getting the way around. Circling is a good way if you are having short lags, as people might think you are aggressive.

#5 Practice makes perfect!
The ultimate tip anyone can offer someone is practice. The more you play the game, the more experience you'll gain and the better you will become. This advice isn't mutually exclusive to either as practising anything will increase your skill. Reflect on your way of playing, the awareness of your mistakes is the most fundamental step on the way up the ladder. So don't be discouraged if you get eaten a lot when you first start playing because as you progress, you will soon do better. Hope to see you on the leaderboard! :)


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