Friday, September 2, 2016 Tips & Tricks #4 Tips & Tricks #4

Tips & Tricks #4 on
#1 Horizontal and vertical awareness!
A thing that most people overlook is the safety of floating horizontally, you have more vision and reaction time when moving horizontal compared to vertical, this may seem useless, but it's quite useful. An example is if I'm moving upwards and my bigger opponents are moving downwards there's just a split second for me to react, however, if you compare this to moving from horizontally there's a fair amount of extra time for me for to react and move away from my opponents.

#2 Go for multi kills!
Going for multi kills is the best way to go when it comes to profitable splits, just wait for multiple cells to line up and strike at the right time to get the most profit from your splits. Splitting yourself multiple times might be useful in some situations. At the back of your mind, keep comparing the size of your opponent's cells is critical, for some things like splitting, trapping and planning your opponent's next moves. Just bear in mind that you'll need at least 10% more mass than your opponent to be able to eat him if you're in one piece, and at least 25% more mass if you are split. You can be greedy but also remember to be safe at the same time.

#3 Don't underestimate any players!
You may think you are great at, but not the only agar pro around, it's, therefore, important to not underestimate your opponents, even though you have acquired the skills, your opponents may just be as skilled at as you are. Smaller cells can be acting cool towards you, but he is waiting for the moment when you are vulnerable. Likewise, a bigger cell may seem to be protecting you all this while, all he is doing is investing you will grow big and be his food! Anything can happen in, trust don't exist here unless you have real life friends playing on the same server as you.

#4 Mass shifting to merge!
Many players seem to overlook this simple tactic for survival which is called Mass Shifting. Mass shifting is a tactic when players start shooting mass towards the middle of their cells to combine quickly and grow one of their cells. It might come in handy and save you in sketchy situations where you need to combine fast, but I wouldn't recommend to use it too much due to some mass loss while shooting (W) blobs. It is probably worth a try when the situation starts to get a little sticky and not in your favor.

#5 Trapping and getting trapped!
It's relatively easy to get trapped in, whether you're getting surrounded by large cells, squashed against a wall, or in your best case forced to float into green spikes. You can partly prevent those things from happening by making smart moves, and analyze surrounding around you, so you can prepare yourself for what's going to happen. Trapping one of the greatest tactics which will give you a significant advantage over your opponents. Trapped players will get panic and unsure about their fate, making indecisive moves which you can make used of it.


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