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Size #10-200
First of all, is rather a slower paced game than a skill based game. You have to take its time and you have to be patient, because your success depends on the other one's failure. That's the cruel fact! You don't have much to lose but to win, go full speed ahead. For me, the basic idea is to take advantage of the foolish people trying to take risks to get ahead faster. The first thing I always do on competitive maps is either look for the #1 blob and stick to him, or go into a virus field. Try to move in the same direction as him, so you can get more dots than behind him. The fastest way to do this is to collect as many dots as quickly as possible, using the shortest distance between dots. Do this until you're around 200. Or another way is when you get to 35 mass, split immediately. This way, you'll have a significantly larger view, a wider area for collecting pellets, and a higher speed. At the size of 200 might seem like a pretty high mass to collect from dots, but it takes about 2 minutes, and it is much less risky than trying to split yourself to capture a smaller cell. Be careful in FFA, even though some cells might seem passive towards you, shoots mass balls by clicking "W", that doesn't mean that they won't consume you at the first chance that they get.

Size #20-700
At this stage, the food pellets still come in handy, but it's not that leads you to success. Take it easy, you have to stay safe! It took you a couple minutes to get this far, and you are the perfect food. You will get shot at by anyone that's 3x bigger than you since they can use spacebar. Any actions you do here will determine whether you be up on the Leaderboard or not. You are basically 'food' for all Leaderboard's players. These people are someone who's 1/3 the size of you, you can shoot at them, but you're probably best off just taking it easy for a little longer, just collecting the colored dots and corner blobs that your size. Split eating is very risky at this stage, but take opportunities to swallow your opponents if they split two for whatever reason. That's your biggest chance, but your most significant less. You do not want to split, at least frivolously. There are three fundamental rules to splitting. The first rule is never split unless you are sure no viruses or big players are ahead. The second rule is to be sure that you know you are at least 166% bigger than they are before splitting. You need 33% more mass to eat them when split. The third rule is to be sure you are splitting for someone worth it. Small cells are tough targets and a risky choice. If you are ever cornered by a cell that is about or more than twice your size, and persists in eating you split off to one side. This will give you a chance to escape, as the larger cell will either decide that you're not worth eating or will only eat half of you, allowing you to escape. Make the best out of a bad situation, however, you'll need to give up at times.

Size #700-2000
Yo're still not big enough to go out on your own, so you can do one of two things... Stick to cells are identical sizes, and if both have at least 700 mass and become his friend, or find happy hunting grounds. Happy hunting grounds are areas like the corners with lots of viruses, where the mega size and general blobs will be too scared of to enter. There should be many people smaller than you in this area. I always go to these quiet areas to get my mass up before I'm ready to head out onto the main stage. This can be a short reprieve from a big catch after you've split to eat a cell. However, lingering in these area's for long periods, will often lead to your decaying mass and not making much progress, due to the lack of competitive feeding. This can be completely dependent upon your player style. Do this step until you start peeking onto the top 10 list. Then you're ready! One of the coolest moves you can do is to find two cells lined up and eat them both in one shot. The closer one should be less than 1/3 your size. Then, if you hit the space bar and swallow the small close cell, you will increase in size, and be able to engulf the second cell, too even if it's larger. This gives you more mass than you had before even in case you would to lose your smaller cell. It's like hitting a combo and is really fun if you can pull it off! However, try not to split into more than 4 cells, unless it's in order to save your life. By doing that, all your cells will be very small and you'll have a hard time controlling them, giving your enemies an opportunity to finish you, either by splitting or just cornering you. Other than that, the more cells you split into the more hostile cells will be able to consume you. In this case, try and circling around randomly, so that it will be harder for them to catch you.

Size #2000 and beyond
You can head out into the open to begin feasting, as you will also start losing mass quickly. No opportunities popping up, start chill and wait. Sometimes the best move could make is do not move at all. There are only a handful players who can threaten you at this point. Your biggest enemy is virus cell. If you're big, you're very promising to other players who can wait to green spike someone into pieces. During this time, there's a lot of intense slow-speed chases. Basically, you want to be peeking onto the top 10 list. You should be mainly trying to look for good opportunities. Some opportunities could be like a splitting mega size or chase after a blob of 4 or more, or even it itself. Someone running out of space, then squishing people, and yes! Another big chance to swallow others without splitting yourself is to push them into the corner of the map. Frankly, the only way you're going to make it to #1 is to devour a mega size, but keep a high watch out for virus exploits! I can't emphasize this point any much more! Blob #2 will be chasing you once you split.

The games competitiveness will slow down quite a bit as the majority of cells you're around are not worth the profit of you splitting. At around the top 5 player slots, the game will slow down for you immensely, and you may find yourself roaming to find more action. Go ahead and play with smaller cells, such as giving mass out to keep the game rolling, as they'll most likely play with or possibly befriend you. Feeding one person until they feel completely indebted to you gives you a loyal ally that will make virus exploits, give you the mass in the case of an eclipse, or draw in people as bait. This is huge! However, your primary source of energy will come from squishing enemies. Don't be afraid to chase people endlessly, and they'll run into viruses or other player soon!

Congratulations! Reaching to such fleet is what you've been playing for over hours, being the biggest. Floating through a check room with no further purpose at all. Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough guide!


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