Monday, August 29, 2016 Tips & Tricks #2 Tips & Tricks #2

Tips & Tricks #2 on
#1 Avoid virus cells at all costs once large!
Any player who's been at it a while knows how easy it is to topple even the biggest cell with a simple obstacle, and some people go out of their way to try to break up large cells. It's best just to avoid obstacles once you reach a certain size threshold unless you're running from a larger cell. In these instances, you need to think quick and try your best to spawn another obstacle on them before they can corner you. It's a dog eat dog.

#2 Don't stop gathering the food cells!
You are consistently losing size. The larger you are, the faster you lose it. The tiny cells that spawn all over the map are a critical part of your diet, no matter your current size. You need them to get big when you're small, and you need them to supplement player cells once you're big. Don't think you'll be okay avoiding them once you're huge. For an idea as to how much mass you lose per second once large, click the gear before getting in-game and turn on 'Show mass' to see just how much you need those tiny cells to survive. You will be surprised! Gather food cells when searching for next feasting targets!

#3 Bait targets before your cells rejoin!
Some people are thirsty, and if you play your cards right, you may be able to take advantage of that. Your cells can't join back together unless you let them touch, meaning if their size difference is significant enough and you're pointing in the right direction, you can move around without allowing your cells to join back together. You can quickly change directions (or stop moving) to let them join quickly after keeping them apart for a while. This is perfect for baiting some players and has a few uses when escaping. Always be aware of your cells' locations and whether they're about to join again or not.

#4 Move around to find victims!
When you're a large cell, seek out those higher than you on the leaderboard. If they are divided, and your singular cell can eat a component of their split cells, then chase after it and absorb their split into your cell, which in turn grows you, and so you're able to eat their other components, and effectively, you have fully absorbed your target, and rise to the top of the leaderboard. You're not going to lose! Occasionally you may find a player with one cell much larger than the other. If the smaller cell is facing you and the larger cell is considerably larger than you, you will be easily able to catch and eat the smaller cell because the larger cell will block the smaller cell from getting away. Keep in mind that if the larger cell is more than double your size, he may kill you to save the smaller cell.

#5 Trust or don't trust?
Be careful in FFA, even though some cells might seem passive towards you that doesn't mean that they won't consume you at the first chance that they get. Some people have names that try to be friendly: "LoveOverHunge", "Let's Team Up”, etc. Since there's no way to communicate, expect betrayal without hesitation, especially from larger cells. You can depend on smaller cells to be nice since they have no way of hurting you. I've noticed that people do team up, by prefixing their name with a team name (e.g., [UOA] or [HKG]). Team members help to feed smaller members, defend split members, and help to rejoin split members (by eating half of them than feeding the mass back in). Teams do far better than lone wolves but should you trust them? It's up to you to decide.


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