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Settings on comes with some settings that users may enable to modify visual aspects of the game. To access these settings, the player must click the gear icon next to the 'Play' button from the menu. The player can either do this before he starts playing or mid-game by hitting ESC. Note that modifying setting while playing can be dangerous. Please don't say I've never warned you! :P

Currently, the following settings are available:
1. No skins - This setting makes it, so the player does not see the skins of any player, including themselves.
2. No names - This setting makes it, so the player does not see the Nick of any player, except themselves.
3. No colors - This setting makes it, so all cells, including food cells, virus cells, ejected cells, and player cells appear as white. Note that skins still have color.
4. Show mass - This setting makes it so the player can see their mass below their Nick (if they have one). Mass will be displayed for all cells belonging to the player, but not for other players.
5. Dark theme - This setting makes the background grid appear solid black.
6. Skip stats - This setting disables the statistics page after death, going straight to the main menu.
7. Graphics - This setting is to set your graphical quality.

Modes on
Free For All
Free For All (FFA) is the first game mode that was made available on The objective is to obtain as much mass as possible by eating smaller cells and to avoid being eaten by larger ones. The top ten players in an instance given a position on the instance's Leaderboard. Currently, there is no real way to 'win', as matches go on indefinitely until the instance restarts. For most players, the objective is to hold the top position for as long as possible.

- Avoid blobs that can absorb you if they split. It may seems obvious. If another blob looks like they are within the size to split and still be able to absorb you, run. Of course, you shouldn't avoid every giant blob on the map. If you are near the largest blob on the map, and you are freshly spawned, then you shouldn't be afraid (unless they specifically hate you and only you). Splitting carries risk and not every blob will split to kill you unless it is worth it to them. Sure, the largest blob on the map can split to kill you when you're size 15, but will they? Doubt it.
- Hide behind viruses to defend. If you're small enough and are running away from a larger blob, you can hide behind viruses. Smaller blobs can go into viruses with no adverse effect, but larger ones will split into many smaller blobs if they touch a virus. Use this to your advantage.
- Split at the right time. Be patient and wait until you get an excellent opportunity to be sure that you will absorb the mass you're targeting. If you split and you're too far away from another blob, you may end up missing and have split for no reason.

Do not's:
- Do not go near a virus if you are big. You will have to avoid actively touching the viruses since if you touch them, you will split up into many smaller blobs and other blobs can take advantage of that by absorbing you. Other players can also try to press w to feed a virus, and once a virus is fed enough times, it will split to spawn a new virus, in the direction it was being fed at. The virus can be directed towards you, and you don't want that, do you?
- Do not press w if you don't need to. Sometimes players will have their name be "press w" or "press w for the chat" to trick you into pressing w. If you press w, you will launch some of your mass towards the direction you were headed, and other players can absorb the mass that you ejected.
- Don't split every time you see a blob smaller than you. If your blob is gigantic, do not split to kill a blob that is much smaller than you. Once you split, it will take a while before your blobs join back together and during that period, you are vulnerable. Another blob can come in to absorb your split blobs.

Teams are the second game mode introduced to Their rules are fairly similar to the original Free For All mode, with just a few differences. In Teams mode, the Player is randomly assigned to either the Red, Green, or Blue team. This is represented by the color of their cells. The Leaderboard, instead of showing a list of top players, is a pie chart showing the distribution of mass amongst the players of each respective team. Players cannot pass through or absorb their teammates, although mass can still eject towards your teammates to feed them.

- Feed your teammates if necessary. If you see a team member trying to eat another blob and is unable to do so because his blob is not big enough, press w to feed him. Since you have to be 125% of another blob's size to absorb it, your team member may not have enough mass even though his blob is bigger. By feeding him and sending some of your mass to your team member, you may give him enough mass to absorb the opponent's blob.
- Be courteous. If a team member feeds you and you're able to absorb an opponent's blob because of it, return the favor. Feed your team member back by pressing w a couple of times. I always like to do this as it helps establish a relationship with the team, in a game with no chat.
- Feed your team members if you're leaving. If you are done playing or need to leave for whatever reason, find someone who's on your team and feed him all of your mass by spamming w into his blob. If you end up leaving without doing this, another team's blob may come by and eat you.
- Stay close to your team members for protection. If you venture out alone, you may end up getting cornered by opponent blobs. By staying with your team, you will have an added level of protection, and you can also protect your own team's blobs as well.

Do not's:
- If you see your teammate running away from a larger blob, do not stand in their way (Unless you like seeing your teammates die, of course). You may end up slowing down your teammate or trapping him, allowing the larger blob to absorb your teammate.
- Do not be selfish. If you see your team member being chased and you can feed him some of your mass to make him large enough to not be absorbed, do so. If you do not, you may end up paying the price if the opponent's blob gets big enough to absorb you.

Experimental is the third game mode added in It is pretty much the same as FFA, except that it introduces some new mechanics, for testing. Based on feedback, the developer may implement new experimental mechanics or remove them, or even create a separate game mode using those experimental mechanics. As progresses, new mechanics and general improvements will be made to the game. Experimental mode is a great way for that to happen. These features do change quite a lot, but at the time of writing this, the spawners that look like recoloured viruses, which shoot out mass. If somebody goes into the spawner, even more, a mass will shoot out. You can also shoot mass into it to make it bigger.

Party Mode is the fourth game mode in To play this mode, you have to create a party, and you'll get a 5-character code (for example that you can use to play on the same server with your friends. There are no rules here - you are free to team or eat viruses. Party Mode was designed as a way for players to play with their friends and help prevent "Teaming" in other similar modes. However, people have been taking advantage of this and using bots to gain mass.


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