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Lag Fix on
#1 Choose the nearest server to your location!
Choose a server that might be the nearest to your location, or at least near in the broadest sense. If you are from Singapore for instance, check the East Asia Server in the options menu. This method is the most important one because it will reduce ping time (aka lag) directly.

List of Servers in
- US West: California (USA)
- US East: Atlanta (USA)
- South America: Atlanta (USA)
- Europe: London (UK)
- Russia: London (UK)
- Turkey: London (UK)
- East Asia: Singapore
- China: Singapore
- Oceania: Singapore

#2 Stop downloads, stop other network consuming operations!
Reduce your traffic. Free your internet bandwidth by closing downloads, online streaming, buffering of long videos, other websites open in other tabs. Just imagine what these internet hogging operations can do to you when a sudden delay turns your unresponsive for a few milliseconds to seconds? Your efforts are wasted to drain.

#3 Disable browser plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions!
The extensions installed on your web browser cause extra network traffic and may slow your network connection for game. Shut down everything that nips your computer performance; especially browser plug-ins can be significant. The simplicity of the game doesn't imply high performance, do not be fooled by the look of things. Turning them off will increase your game performance and fix your lag problems.

#4 Close all other tabs!
Close all the tabs and restart browser. Browsers of nowadays have too much trash in their cache and takes a little of the internet's memory away, which is collected when you open new tabs. Closing tabs can squeeze you some free memory which is helpful in the long run!

#5 Incognito mode and refresh your browser frequently!
When playing in incognito mode, your browser does not keep and cache information like browser cookies. Effect of this method is less compared to others, but it may be worth to try. Some players indicate, the longer they play, the more the game stutters and spikes. Simply refresh your browser frequently. A good opportunity is after every death. This also puts you into a new room with a different set of players after refreshing.

#6 Try out different web browsers!
Try playing in a different internet browser. High-security browsers such as Tor browser do not handle Agar well. Firefox is playable but tends to freeze up at the worst of times. Safari is slow and jittery. Internet Explorer is surprisingly smooth for Chrome is my browser of choice; however, browser compatibility will vary between people due to different platforms and connection speeds.

#7 Avoid playing during peak hours!
There are times when Agar is laggy purely because of all the people playing it, meaning you won't be able to do much about lag until the developer buy better servers and internet services. If this is the case, make note of the time and simply try to avoid playing during peak hours. Playing in the morning generally, have lesser players than any other timing.

#8 Restart your modem and limit your user on your Wi-Fi!
If there are other people on the same Wi-Fi network as you using the internet at the same time, consider playing at a different time from them so you can take full advantage of the available bandwidth. Activities that require a large amount of data transfer (e.g., downloading files, intense gaming) will have an impact on your connection speed. Or maybe you're just too far from your WiFi source, try moving closer, it will give you more internet speed, and it might just be the fix for your lag problems.

#9 Enabled no skins, and dark theme!
Play without skins and everything you can go without. Yeah, I know everyone loves skins but this setting may make your game faster. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for something. Some players also mentioned they have better performance with the dark style. I guess the white background can be quite too much for our eyes if stared long enough.

#10 Lower your graphics quality!
Lag can occur when your computer does not have the power to handle it. One easy way to smoothen out your gameplay is by lower your graphical quality. Setting it to 'very low' will save your computer from using a little bit more CPUs and GPUs power to run Remember there are hundreds of player cells with/without skins, and also, all the pellets scattered around... Your computer needs to process all these objects, not only your cell alone.

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  1. Done all that but i still seem to find buffer when i have a decent internet. I have 50mbp download so i should be fine but nothing is happening