Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Agar.io: Facts

Agar.io: Facts

Facts on Agar.io
- You pick up food cells or aka pellets to grow. Each pellet gives you 1 point in mass.
- The bigger your mass, the slower you can move.
- At Size 35 onwards, you can eject a blob of size 16 to increase your passive movement speed or feed a virus.
- At Size 150 onwards, you can create another virus by feeding an existing virus 7 times.
- At Size 150 onwards, you are large enough to explode an existing virus.
- At Size 400 onwards, due to a passive loss of mass (about 20/s), it becomes nearly impossible to retain size by eating neutral blobs which only contribute a single point of pass each.
- The maximum size limit is 22,500.
- Going over 22,500 will get you split in 2 automatically, and cannot be combined if two or more cells adds up to a 22,500.
- The more pieces you are in, the more zoomed out the map is, and the further off you will be able to see cells that want to eat you. Of course, the smaller your cells are, the more quickly you will be eaten.
- The space bar key divides you in half. One-half shoots forward, the other backwards a little. Doing this is great for getting out of tight situations and also eating other cells.
- After a minute or so of being in smaller pieces, your pieces will go together to form a large cell again.
- You can only eat other cells that are smaller than you.

- Without dividing, you must be at least 10% bigger in diameter (and hence slower), so you have to pin the smaller cell somehow into a corner, virus, or larger cell.
- By hitting the spacebar and dividing yourself in two, you can shoot forward and catch the smaller cell. The cell you're shooting half of your mass at must be less than ~1/3 your original mass, or you'll go through it or worse yet, eaten.
- The W key shoots out mass in the direction you were moving. You can use this to feed your friends, temporarily lighten your mass to move faster, or feed the virus cell (the green spiked circles).
When in 4 or more pieces, you can self-feed by pointing your cursor to the blob you'd like to grow and pressing W.
- The green viruses, pop larger cells into many tiny little pieces and especially rewarding for popping large cells.
- The ejecting mass feeds the green viruses into them. After being fed 7 times, they shoot a second green virus out. The projecting virus goes in the direction of the last cell added to it.
- The only moderation that names have is that they're limited to 14 characters. For some reason, the people who choose to play Agar.io tend to pick somewhat descriptive names. There's an option to have “no names” in the settings menu if you don't like seeing profanity.
- If you want to have a “skin”, choose one of these names. They are automatically applied.
- Also, mods are allowing you to connect to the same server are your friends (Agar.io mod). I haven't done this personally.
- You cannot split into more than 16 pieces. This means that once you're in 16 pieces if you're big enough to pop a virus, it will feed you and make you bigger without cutting you up more.
- There is no sound in Agar.io, which means you can talk with your friends, listen to podcasts, or jam to electronic dance music while scooting around eating other cells smaller than you.
- Every blob loses mass passively with time. The larger you are, the more mass you degenerating.
- Your score corresponds to the largest you have been in your current life.
- There's a 50% chance for cells to spawn on ejected blobs.


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