Friday, May 6, 2016

Failman: Walkthrough Guide

Failman: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Failman
1: Click on the letter 'F' on the window. After he breaks it, click on the broken window again and give the money to the man.
2: Click on the crying girl, then click on the dream bubble. After that click the Failman to fill the balloon with air, then give it to her.
3: Click on the water, then on the women. After that click the Failman, then on the water again.
4: Keep clicking on the gaming controller the little boy is holding.
5: Click on the fire, then click on the small barrel on the left to reveal a hole, connect the hose to it and click on the Failman.
6: Click on the Witch, then on the vampire, then on the zombie.
7: Click on the fail man far away, which is close to the pyramids, then click on the sign, then click the ground to dig. After which, click on the hose lying on the left of the oil tank, then click on the valve.
8: Click on the man then click on the speech bubble, then click on the Failman. After that click on the person then click on the phone.
9: There is a crack on the wall on the left side, keep clicking on it until Failman breaks the wall then click on the thief.
10: Click on the Failman, then open the box, you will find woodcutter inside. Click it and then click on the Failman.

11: Click the letter 'F' on the right sleeve of the man, then shake the bottle and open it.
12: Click on the girl, then there is something on the left nearby the rocks. Use it to drink the water and give the toy back to the girl.
13: Click on the cars before the cars crashing the ducks.
14: Click on the letter 'f' then click on the Failman.
15: Keep clicking on the guys who are sitting on the swing until failman come close enough, then click on the Failman's head.
16: Click on the letter 'F' up at the signboard, then open the door. Click on Failman, then click on the man who holds the flowers.
17: Click on the bus tires, then click on the bus again.
18: Click on the bullies then the guy crying.
19: Click on the man to turn his head away, then click on the car 4 times then click on the person again.
20: On the left, you will find a rocket sticking out behind the trees. Click on it, then click on the Failman, then click on the rocket again.


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