Friday, April 29, 2016

Stupidella: Walkthrough Guide

Stupidella: Walkthrough Guide

1: The code is '897' to open the safe.
2: Click on cigarette three times, then click on the trash. After that, you can click and leave with the car.
3: There is a bottle in the middle of your screen. Click it, so she drinks it.
4: You have to change the day to morning by clicking on the window. After that, click on her face.
5: A dog chases her, you have to reverse this situation. She chases the dog by click turn back sign.
6: Click on trumpet on the left bottom.
7: Click on 'DIFFERENCES' word.
8: Click '3', '10', '5' on the coins to form '3105'.
9: She is on the upper left corner. Click it so she will come looks like Tarzan.
10: Click switch on the motor and then click ship handle in the middle.

11: Click bazooka on the right of Stupidella.
12: Click and hold on to Stupidella,
13: Click on the TV, there will be a ghost crawling. After that, click on Stupidella's foot.
14: Click the first girl from the left, then 3rd girl, after that 6th girl, and 7th.
15: Click on Stupidella's chest fast.
16: Look around and find 10 Stupidella among the spectators and click it.
17: First, click on the referee. After that, you have to click the button 'SWIM'.
18: Click button beside the door of the plane. Click parachute behind Stupidella, then click on the button 'JUMP'.
19: Click grass on the left. The grass will be shifted left, then after that click the hole.
20: Click on the middle rocket in the background.


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