Friday, March 4, 2016

ClickPLAY Time: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY Time: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY Time
Level 1 - Zipper Down
- Click and drag the zipper to open his jacket.
- Click the play button on his shirt pocket.

Level 2 - Why So Yellow
- Unscramble the letters to spell out their names: Homer and Marge (of The Simpsons).
- When correct, the play button will turn up and click it.

Level 3 - Pet Hates
- Click to cross out the heart for the things that kitties hate.
- They are H20, K9s, and noisy machines.
- The kitties disappear, and the play button shows up when you're right.

Level 4 - Turn Yo Brain
- Figure out the number according to the clue.
- Turn the picture around 180 degrees to get: 5 7 0 7
- Enter that code into the box below to get the play button.

Level 5 - All Lit Up
- Figure out the sequence in which to click these light bulbs to light them up.
- Start with the first bulb on the top left of the corner.
- When you click it, look where it looks; The eyes will point to the direction of where to click next.
- The pattern is:
- If you get it wrong, you'll have to start from the beginning, but when correct, the play button comes out.

Level 6 - Time For Adventure
- Unscramble the letters to make the names: Finn and Jake (from the Adventure Time cartoons).
- When correct, the play button will turn up and click it.

Level 7 - Mazed In
- Go through the maze, following the correct path until you find the play button at the end.
- If you go the wrong way, your mini-game ends, and you'll be transported back to the beginning.
- Use the hint to find the right path: "Red leads the way, blue leads astray."
- Sometimes you need to click on the things in each room to reveal the next clue.

Level 8 - Crossing Over
- Figure out the number shown in the clue and enter it into the boxes below.
- Mirror images of each are crossed over the numbers to get: 1 5 2 4

Level 9 - Early Bird
- Click the alarm clock repeatedly until it rings (about 30 or so times!)
- The worm will pop his head out of the hole. Click and drag him up until you see the key on its belt.
- Click the key and it will go into the chest, click it again, and the chest will open.
- Get a piece of CLOTH from the chest and drag it to the worm's monocle to clean it.
- The play button is revealed on the worm's eyepiece, then go ahead and click it.

Level 10 - Street Boys
- Unscramble the letters to spell their names to get: Bert and Ernie (of Sesame St.).
- When correct, the play button will turn up and click it.

Level 11 - Get Happy
- Click on each panel of this story strip to put the scene in the correct order:
["Hey dude!"]-["Dude, We're gonna have to do something about..."]
[" should go see this..."]-["Well!?!? How do you feel?"]

Level 12 - Counting Hurts
- Add up the numbers on the dice with this catch.
- If the eye icon is crossed out, add the numbers that aren't seen on the dice. For example, in panel "b" the 1, 2 and 4 don't show so the answer is 7.
- Enter each number in the code box below: 9 7 6 6
- Click on the play button.

Level 13 - First In First Out
- Click the ninjas in the order they appear from behind the wall.
- If you click, you can click to remove a ninja the moment he appears.
- Follow the exact sequence in each of the three scenes; if you make a mistake, you'll have to start again at the first scene.
- The pattern for stage 1: [2]-[1]-[3]
- The pattern for stage 2: [4]-[1]-[5]-[2]-[3]
- The pattern for stage 3: [4]-[1]-[6]-[3]-[7]-[2]-[5]
- Once solved, click the play button to proceed.

Level 14 - What An Ogre
-Unscramble the letters to spell their names to get: Shrek and Donkey (from the Shrek movies).
- When correct, the play button will turn up and click it.

Level 15 - Arrows Away
- You have a limited number of moves (17) to remove all the arrows from the screen.
- Click on an arrow and it will move in the direction it's pointing.
- If nothing blocks its way, it'll be moved off screen.
- If there's another block in its way, it won't be removed, but you'll use up a click nonetheless.
- Click each arrow block in the correct sequence to remove them all before running out of moves...
- The pattern is:

Level 16 - Funky Corners
- Click on each of the four corners on the clue slip.
- In the order indicated by the arrows: 1 3 7 4
- Enter those numbers into the code box below, then click the play button.

Level 17 - Naming Mixup
- Give each girl the correct name, clicking on the name tag to shuffle through the list of names available.
- Match the number of stripes on her dress to the number of letters in a girl's name:
- The names are: JO-CARMEN-KATE (Top) & MEGAN-ABIGAIL-AMY (Bottom)

Level 18 - Mystery Solvers
- Unscramble the letters to spell their names to get: Shaggy and Scooby (from the Scooby Doo cartoons)
- When correct, the play button will turn up and click it.

Level 19 - Water Taxi
- Use the ferry to move the yellow characters to the east (right) island and the red characters to the west (left) island...
- Click the taxi to move east. Then pick up 1 red character.
- Go west. Pick up 1 yellow character. Drop off the red character. Then pick up 1 more yellow character.
- Go east. Drop off a yellow character. Pick up 1 red character. Drop off the other yellow character. Pick up the last red character.
- Go west. Drop off a red character. Pick up the last yellow character. Drop off the last red character.
- Go east. Drop off the last yellow character.
- Click the play button which comes out from behind a cloud.

Level 20 - Backward Calendar
- The first three letters of four months are spelled, backward, in each of the four squares.
- Match the month to its numerical representative on the calendar.
- Put those numbers in the order as indicated by the arrow design at the center of the square.
- The months are Feb, Aug, Sep, Jun which is: 2 8 9 6
- Enter those numbers in the code box below and win!


  1. number 8 is really 1524

    1. Thank you for spotting the mistake. I've corrected it! :)

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  7. #13 is wrong on the 2nd pattern, i cant go any farther