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ClickPLAY Rainbow 2: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY Rainbow 2: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY Rainbow 2
Level 1 - Fluffies Furball
- Pet the cat to make it meow.
- Pet it two more times to make it spit up the Play button.

Level 2 - Weee!
- Click and drag away the roll of toilet paper to find the Play button.

Level 3 - Patchy Pirate
- Click and drag the booger from the pirate's nostril onto his eyepatch.
- Click the eyepatch to flip it up onto the bandana.
- Click the closed eye four times to find the Play button.

Level 4 - Windey Windey
- Click and drag the four levers clockwise or counterclockwise to move the slides up and down.
- Arrange the slides to complete the Play button.

Level 5 - Sushi Shuffle
- Click every slice of sushi on all of the stacks to throw them into the air.
- The Play button will appear on the last piece of sushi that you click, so save the single piece of sushi for last to make it the easiest to click.

Level 6 - Ready for Action
- Arm the pirate and the ninja with the proper weapons and accessories.
- Use the items from left to right in the following order:
- Put the hook on the pirate's hand.
- Place the katana behind the ninja's back.
- Put the alcohol in the pirate's empty hand.
- Put the throwing star in the ninja's hand.
- Place the saber behind the pirate's back.
- Put the nunchucks in the ninja's empty hand.
- Click the Play button to continue to the next level.

Level 7 - Sweet Dreams
- Click the triangular rays around the sun to make them disappear.
- Click the sun to change the scene from day to night.
- Click the bird to put it to sleep.
- The Play button will appear in the thought bubble above the bird's head.

Level 8 - Spinning Wheel
- Click the top rocket at the 12 o' clock position on the wheel.
- Keep the cursor at the top of the wheel, then wait for the other rockets to spin under your mouse.
- Click all of the rockets to light them as they pass by your cursor.
- When all of the lit rockets are spinning, the Play button will appear in the center of the wheel.

Level 9 - Painting Pipes
- Click and drag the yellow ball into the left pipe with the black circle.
- Next, drop it into the right pipe with the white circle.
- Lastly, drop the ball into the middle pipe with the black triangle to complete the Play button.

Level 10 - Slice it up
- Click and drag the knife in a side-to-side motion to cut down through the apple.
- Drag away the apple slice to reveal the Play button inside.

Level 11 - Windy Day
- Click to remove the four clouds floating through the sky to stop the wind.
- Click both lenses of the man's glasses to remove his hands from his hat.
- Lift the hat to find the Play button.

Level 12 - Switcheroo
- Arrange the Gophers to complete the image of the Play button.
- Click a gopher to select it, then click a different gopher to swap their positions.
- Switch the Gophers in the following order:
- Switch the middle gopher in the top row with the middle gopher in the bottom row.
- Switch the left gopher in the middle row with the right gopher in the middle row.
- Switch the gopher in the upper left corner with the gopher in the lower right corner.
- Switch the gopher in the lower left corner with the gopher in the upper right corner to complete the Play button.

Level 13 - Arrow Copter
- Click and hold the left mouse button to move the helicopter in the direction indicated by the arrow.
- When you release the mouse, the arrow will point to the next direction in the order of Right - Down - Left - Up.
- Use the helicopter to push all of the crates off the platforms.
- You'll find the Play button where the last crate smashes on the ground.

Level 14 - Rock & Roll
- Quickly click the upper right rock multiple times to roll it off the stack and over the right edge.
- Do the same thing with the rest of the rocks starting with the upper left, and then the lower right, middle, and finally the left rock.
- Click the play button that appears between the two left mountains.

Level 15 - Every Which Way
- Click and drag the grey screens in the direction indicated by the arrow in the center of the screen.
- Drag the first screen to the left side.
- Drag the second screen to the top.
- Drag the third screen to the right.
- Drag the fourth screen to the bottom.
- Press the large button in the center of the panel to turn off the lights.
- Drag the each of the screens back over the buttons to find the color of their arrows, then return them to the sides.
- The order of these colors is randomized each game.
- Change the color of the left, up, right, and down buttons to match the color of their corresponding arrow screens to reveal the Play button.

Level 16 - Paper Pushing
- Click and drag the three sections of the paper (beige on top, brown in the middle, gray on bottom) to align the square cutouts over the top right corner, where you'll find the Play button.

Level 17 - Tunnel Ride
- Quickly click the train multiple times to send it speeding down the track.
- If it has enough momentum, it will pass through the tunnel and come out with the Play button.

Level 18 - See no Evil...
- Click the parts of the monkey to match the proverb: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
- Close both eyes of the left monkey.
- Plug both ears of the middle monkey.
- Close the right monkey's mouth to reveal the Play button.

Level 19 - Tricky Timing
- Wait for the platforms to fade, then click the monster to jump up before they disappear completely to land on the next platform.
- Continue timing your jumps in the same way to hop all the way to the Play button at the top.

Level 20 - What a Hoot
- Watch the owls at the start and note in which order they close their eyes.
- Click the owls in the same order to reopen their eyes.
- If you fail to guess the correct order after, it will reset to a new random order.

Level 21 - Spare Change
- Click anywhere to make the little figure jump as he moves from side to side.
- Collect all of the coins to reveal the Play button.

Level 22 - Moon Bumping
- Quickly click the rocket multiple times to launch it into the moon.
- Keep crashing it against the moon until the window breaks to find the Play button.

Level 23 - Searchlight
- Move the cursor over the circle of light, then follow it as it moves without leaving the circle to find the Play button.

Level 24 - Look Closer
- Click the magnifying glass, then move it over the buildings to find the 13 little aliens.
- Click each alien you discover to remove it from the counter.
- Although most can be easily spotted, there are a few aliens that are tricky to find, they are:
- The alien in the left window of the farthest left building in the background.
- The alien at the corner of the background building, directly above the right window in the bridge.
- The large alien picture in the countdown text at the bottom of the window.
- After all 13 aliens are found, click the play button in the center of the magnifying glass.

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ClickPLAY Rainbow: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY Rainbow: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY Rainbow
Level 1 - Last Sip
- Grab the mug by the handle and turn it upside down.
- Click on the play button.

Level 2 - Brain Surgery
- Click the stitches along Frankie's forehead.
- Lift the top of his head off.
- Click on the play button.

Level 3 - Achoo
- Click and hold the mouse button down over the mountain's nose and move your mouse slowly up and down.
- As the nose rises, stay on the nose and keep moving your mouse until the top blows off.
- Click on the play button.

Level 4 - Monster Munch
- Click a monster and raise it up off the other monster.
- Keep doing this until you reveal the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 5 - Paper Pirates
- Click the white triangle in the background and flip it over.
- Drag and drop the pirates into the boat.
- Click on the play button.

Level 6 - Bat n Ball
- Click the red X box.
- When the ball is just a little more than halfway down, click the circle with the arrow to swing the bat.
- Once landed you have to get the ball into the container to the left.
- Then click on the play button.

Level 7 - Pokey Pokey
- Click on the roof and drag it into the hole in the tower so that one of the bottom points and a little bit of the rectangular bottom go in.
- You'll know you have it right when you push the play button out then, click on the play button.

Level 8 - Robot Dinner
- Parts of the code are hidden in various places on and around the robot. You'll find:
- 1W along the bottom front of the robot
- 2B found by clicking the robot's right foot (the one to the player's left)
- 3W in its mouth found by clicking anywhere on the robots head
- 4B found by clicking the crack in the wall enough times to break the wall
- The code is 1W 2B 3W 4B = White, Black, White, Black.
- When you have it entered the correct code, click the robot's left arm, then raise the lid off the tray in his right hand.
- Proceed and click the play button.

Level 9 - Daredevil
- Keep clicking the truck to make it accelerate.
- Make it go fast enough to jump the gap.
- Done, click on the play button!

Level 10 - Fantastic
- Click a piece to move it.
- Keep clicking it until it is to the left of the piece before it.
- Then, click the top wedge to move out another piece and repeat the process.
- Continue moving the pieces around to complete the full circle and a complete play button.
- Click the play button.

Level 11 - Eliminator
- Each circle has a symbol on it.
- Move each ball to the ball with the opposite symbol.
- For example, the circle with the checkmark clears the circle with the X.
- Clear all the balls to beat the level.

Level 12 - Balooney
- Make each balloon match the shape of the person carrying it.
- From left to right: triangle, square, circle, rectangle.
- Click the play button.

Level 13 - Wet 'Em 2 Get 'Em
- Drag and drop each ball into the water to reveal the play button.
- The farthest ball on the right is the play button.

Level 14 - Safe Landing
- There're a few ways to do this one.
- All that has to happen to reveal the play button is the black circle has to touch the box that says GOAL.
- The easiest way is to remove the red blocks from the top down.
- Click the play button.

Level 15 - Ball n Chain
- Swing the ball around and destroy the bricks at the top of the screen to cause the play button to drop.
- The button is in the middle, above the word "Ball" in the level name.
- Click the play button.

Level 16 - Pipes n Us
- Keep dropping balls into the pipe until the play button gets pushed out the other end.
- Go ahead and click the play button.

Level 17 - Captain Hook
- Take the hook to the top left corner and raise it up above the word "clicks". Your hook should snag another hook. Drag it down and let it drop. When you successfully pull down the play button, click it.

Level 18 - Collectomatic
- Click and drag to rotate the blue box and guide the ball around the maze to collect all the yellow dots.
- The play button will fall and click it.

Level 19 - Hardly Wordly
- There are dials hidden behind each picture; enter the correct combinations according to the clues given by each portrait to unlock the play button.
- Norton Everett (NE) = North East. Click the dial 1 time.
- Samuel Warrant (SW) = South West. Click the dial 5 times.
- Nelson Winkle (NW) = North West. Click the dial 7 times.
- Stefan Edmund (SE) = South East. Click the dial 3 times.
- Once you clicked correctly, the play button will appear.

Level 20 - Ding Dong
- Press the red button when the mallet is as close to the center as possible.
- Do this until the mallet hits the bell and turns into a play button.

Level 21 - Fliporama
- The four squares in the dead center of the level can be rotated to form a play button.
- As always, the play button points to the right.

Level 22 - Spot On
- To the right and left at the top of the screen, you can find hints. P=16, L=12.
- Spell out the word PLAY using the number code.
- The code is 1612125.
- Click the play button.

Level 23 - Ball Sorter
- The fractions at the bottom refer to the ratio of antennae and eyes.
- 1/1, means one antenna and one eye, 2/2 means two antennas and two eyes
- Get each creature into its proper spot, by clicking the barriers to remove them.
- Clicking them again restores the barrier.

Level 24 - Canon Balls
- Shoot a cannonball at the black X circle to turn them into check marks, but hitting them again will turn them back into Xs.
- Turn them all into checkmarks and click the play button.
- Congratulations, you've won! :)

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ClickPLAY 3: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY 3: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY 3
Level 1 - Oh Mona
- Just click on the picture and it will fall, revealing the play arrow.
- Then click on the play button to proceed.

Level 2 - Drink Up
- Click on the straw and hold until the liquid drops, revealing the play button.

Level 3 - Balloon Party
- Click on the tack holding the note to the wall; the tack will fall.
- Click on the fallen tack and hold, then drag to the balloons and pop them.
- Click on the revealed play arrow.

Level 4 - Party Pooper
- Click on the cereal and drag it to the monster's mouth. He will eat it.
- Click on the milk and drag it to the monster's mouth. He will drink it.
- The monster will expel the play arrow.
- Click on the monster and drag him to the left to reveal the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 5 - Round N'
- Click and drag each windmill's vane in a clockwise direction to set them spinning.
- All three, even the one in the background.
- When all three are spinning a light will go on in the house.
- Click on the roof of the house and drag upwards to reveal the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 6 - Screwed Up
- Click on the bulb in the ceiling fixture and hold as it unscrews.
- Keep holding until it drops out of the picture.
- Click on the happy bulb and drag it to the fixture.
- Click on the play button.

Level 7 - Sunny Day
- Click on each white petal of the flower until they are all gone.
- Click on the revealed the play button.

Level 8 - Mazed In
- The object is to get the ball out of the maze; this will require you turning the maze around a few times.
- Click and drag the maze around by the corners, turning until the ball travels the path out of the maze.
- Grab the maze by the lower left corner and don't let it go.
- You should be able to manipulate the maze without having to click a second time.
- When the ball falls out it becomes the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 9 - Hole in The
- Watch closely, the holes around the center will be numbered when you first enter the scene, but they will fade fast.
- You need to click the holes in the number order, from 1 to 6.
- If you mess up, new numbers will appear in a new sequence, and you can try again.
- When they are clicked in the correct order, the arrow will appear in the center.
- Click on the play button.

Level 10 - Paint Ball
- There are 11 balloons filled with paint on the circle, with a gun sight circling the outer rim.
- Click when the sight is on a balloon and it will burst and spread the white paint.
- When the 8 outer balloons are popped, the sight will travel to the center 3 balloons.
- Again click when it hits a balloon, and the paint will form the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 11 - Voodoo
- Along the top of the screen are four symbols that you will find on the voodoo doll.
- Click and drag the pins to the places on the doll, then release when an X marks the spot.
- The four places are the heart, the two eyes, and the body.
- The head of the doll will fall off, and the arrow will then appear.
- Click on the play button.

Level 12 - In the Bin
- The play button is sliced into four pieces on either side of a metal bar.
- You need to click and drag each piece into place, making sure that they are rotated correctly, to form the arrow.
- The easiest way to manipulate them is to pick them up either by the very top or bottom,
- Once the play button forms, click on it.

Level 13 - Magic Touch
- Click and drag each star into the top hat.
- Click on the wand to make it move.
- When the rabbit ears appear in the hat, click and drag them upwards to reveal the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 14 - Balls Away
- The object is to click on pairs of identical balls, making them disappear.
- Look closely at the placement of the eyes and the smiles and make sure that the balls are identical, misclicks will put you back at the beginning.
- When all of the balls are gone, the play button will appear.
- Then click on the play button.

Level 15 - Breedathon
- Click on one of the balls and hold it, moving it over to hit the other.
- Each time they hit a small ball will appear.
- Keep hitting until the floor is covered with the small balls.
- One of the balls after that will be the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 16 - Stack Em
- Click on the top left of the pipe and a bunch of squares will fall.
- The object is to stack them on the right side of the pipe until enough have fallen to reveal the arrow.
- The easiest way is to drag the first square all the way to the right.
- Grab the second square and drag it to the right. Grab the first one and toss it upwards, then drag the second one underneath.
- Keep stacking until they reach the top of the right pipe. Keep grabbing and dragging squares to the right until the play button appears.
- Click the play button.

Level 17 - Arrow
- This is an arrow maze; Arrows with a single line mean to move in that direction once, arrows with double lines mean to move in that direction twice.
- Figure out the first arrow, then clicks on it.
- Move to the next arrow in the sequence, then click on that.
- Eventually, you will get to the question mark button in the center, which will become the play button.
- The solution to this is different each time you play!
- Click the play button.

Level 18 - Who Nose?
- The object is to make the nose of each central figure a shade between the two figures behind it.
- Upper left click on the nose once.
- Lower left click on the nose three times.
- Upper right click on the nose twice.
- Lower right click on the nose four times.
- When you get the shades correct, the play button will appear.
- Click on the play button.

Level 19 - In the Dark
- You can only see a bit of the Level at a time, highlighted by the circle controlled by your cursor.
- Sweep the area and you will find four buttons, upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right.
- To the right and above the button on the upper right, you will see a drawing of a rectangle with a white dot in the lower left.
- There are four rectangles around the outsides of the buttons. Each one shows what a button should be set at.
- The buttons should be set as follows: upper left vertical line - up and down the line, three clicks; upper right black - two clicks; lower right horizontal line - side to side line, it should already be in that setting; and lower left white - one click.
- When the buttons are set correctly, the question mark in the center becomes the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 20 - Good Luck
- The object is to move the truck to the right of the Level without dropping any of the boxes.
- However, there is a countdown; you only have 7 seconds.
- Click and hold to make the truck move, but if it moves too fast the boxes will drop off, and you will have to restart.
- Click and release a couple of times to get the truck all the way to the right and out of the scene.
- The truck will come back with the play button, then click on the play button.

Level 21 - Gnomes
- Mouse over each gnome in turn.
- The gnome will blink between 1 and 7 times and take a note down how many times each blinks.
- Click on the gnomes in order of increasing numbers of blinks.
- The gnomes will disappear as you click them
- Once all gnomes are gone, the play button will appear.

Level 22 - Alpha Doors
- There are four doors here, each with a series of pictures of them.
- The pictures are a pear, an apple, a ladder, and a ying-yang symbol.
- The object is to make the pictures spell out "play" with their first letters.
- Click to open a door and a symbol will appear, click again to close the door, clicking once again to open the door, and another symbol will appear.
- The first door should be a pear.
- The second door should be a ladder.
- The third door should be an apple.
- The fourth door should be a ying-yang symbol.
- Once "play" is spelled out, you will automatically go to the next scene.

Level 23 - Big Bite
- The little guy is fishing.
- Watch his rod. It will dip a little as he gets a nibble.
- Wait until it dips deeply then click and he will bring up the play button.
- Click on the play button quickly.

Level 24 - Fling It!
- The object is to get rid of all of the boxes at the right of the screen.
- The pipe on the left will dispense bombs, but they will explode the minute they hit the floor.
- The platform below the pipe is a lever; you can click and drag it at either end.
- Click on the pipe to drop a bomb and quickly click and drag the right side of the lever to toss the bomb to the right.
- When all of the boxes are gone, the play button will appear.
- Click on the play button.

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ClickPLAY 2: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY 2: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY 2
Level 1 - Starry Night
- Drag the moon down.
- The play button will pop up on the other side.

Level 2 - Egg Spin
- Look for the egg that is spinning the opposite way as all the others.
- Click that one and it will open revealing the button.

Level 3 - Ingredients
- Click the lever to turn on the machine.
- Drag the circle and the triangle into the machine.
- It will spit out the button afterwards.

Level 4 - Mikado
- Click on the stick that is at the top of the pile until there are none left.

Level 5 - Who's Hat
- Click on the men to change their hats.
- Give them each hat that match what they are holding.
- Click on the top right guy once, then twice on the bottom left one, and finally, click 3 times on the bottom right one.
- The whip keeps the hat they start with, the hook gets the pirate hat; the magnifying glass gets the tweed hat, and the ninja star gets the black hood.

Level 6 - Boxed In
- Click the box once and it will move to the right.
- Click the two parts of the PLAY button that are over the box.
- Click the box again until it is centered over the two remaining parts of the PLAY button.
- Click the parts of the play button and they will fall into the box completing the button.

Level 7 - Lap Star
- Click the car once to start it.
- Click and hold the mouse button down to make it turn.
- Keep it in the center of the track so it collects all the stars.

Level 8 - High Voltage
- Put the cursor over a screw and keep pressing the button until it falls.
- Repeat with every screw.
- Click on the sections of the PLAY button until they are rotated to where they should be.

Level 9 - Ropey Rockies
- Click and hold on the rope and drag your mouse down to pull the screen up, then the other one, again and again.
- Keep doing this until you are at the top of the mountain.
- Caution, when you stop dragging, the screen goes down.

Level 10 - Jumping Ride
- Click on the car to start it and on the screen to make it jump.
- Avoid the spikes, don't jump too soon.

Level 11 - Ballbuster
- Click and hold the top of the pump, move it up and down to inflate the balloon.
- Once the balloon pops click play button, that's flying around.

Level 12 - Boombastic
- The numbers shown here represent the buttons and the number of times you have to click them.

Level 12 Pictorial Guide on ClickPLAY 2

Level 13 - Round'n'Round
- Click the buttons on the sides to spin the wheel and make it all white.
- The optimal pattern is +3, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3.
Level 14 - Round the Bend
- Click where you want the ball to go.
- You need to get it into the hole in 4 shots, and it can't touch the sides.

Level 15 - Head Bopping
- Watch where the button falls, then dive the duck's mouth in the water by clicking it, to make him catch the button.

Level 16 - Break In
- This level is not always the same.
- Look at the time on the clock, and look out the window to see if its night or day.
- Write the hour in 24-hour based form, then press #.
- Note that after 23:59, it is not 24:00, but 00:00.

Level 17 - Drop Zone
- As the plane flies overhead, click the screen to make the plane drop a bomb.
- Destroy all buildings and the play button will appear.

Level 18 - Bouncy Bounce
- When the ball bounces, it will change shape.
- Just drop it a little bit at a time until it is the PLAY button.

Level 19 - Meaw Meaw
- Click on the cats in alphabetical order according to their names.
- Look at the bowls they are eating from and click them in alphabetical order.

Level 20 - Eyes Wide Open
- Click once on the four corner eyes, but not on the middle one.
- Starting with all eyes closed click: The bottom left eye, the top left eye, The top right eye, and the bottom right eye.

Level 21 - Piece Me Together
- For this one you just need to click all the pieces fast, as well as in the correct order.
- The order is bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left.

Level 22 - Humpty's Fall
- Drag the cloud in the sky over the sun and Humpty will take off his sunglasses.
- Click his eye to make him wink and hop to one direction a little bit.
- Keep this up and he will eventually fall off.
Level 23 - Happy Hour
- Click on the bottles to change their labels and put them in the correct order.
- Notice the first letter of each label.
- The order is Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk.

Level 24 - Penguin Bowling
- Click on the penguin to make him jump.
- Avoid 15 snowballs in a row.