Friday, January 8, 2016

Champion: Walkthrough Guide

Champion: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Champion
More Damage - Cost: $100
Faster Soldiers - Cost: $300
Take No Damage - Cost: $500
No Power Bar - Cost: $1,500
Double Shot - Cost: $3,500
Quick Shot - Cost: $7,000

Recommended Build on Champion
1. Take No Damage
2. More Damage
3. No Power Bar
4. Double Shot
5. Quick Shot
6. Faster Soldiers

Walkthrough Guide on Champion
Since enemies only become more difficult to kill when you progress in levels, you should be able to beat the first few easily. The next, from 4-6 are slightly more difficult, but still, easily beatable. However, when you reach that point, you should slow down your killing. It's important that you try to stay in a level as long as possible, because the amount of gold you can get is unlimited, and the game gets harder as it goes on, and if you have less money you have fewer upgrades which mean you'll probably die in a hard level. The fact that you only get money for kills, not winning a level can be quite challenging in the later game. That's why I suggest artificially postponing early rounds by letting you army die; Only kill enemies that cross the halfway point, effectively 'farming' the enemy army for cash. But also try not to get too greedy otherwise, you might end up facing a continuous stream of dudes, and you guys completely forgot about the battle.

The first upgrade you should buy is Take No Damage so that You can walk up to and even behind enemy lines for easy headshots. More Damage is for those who can't aim. I won't recommend getting Faster Soldier until you purchase every single upgrade, as it can end the level quicker, making it harder to get money.


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