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Trigger Knight: Walkthrough Guide

Trigger Knight: Walkthrough Guide

List of Items on Trigger Knight
Lv1: Dagger (216 Atk), Cost: 0
Lv2: Sword (303 Atk), Cost: 236
Lv3: Rapier (390 Atk), Cost: 272
Lv4: Falchion (477 Atk), Cost: 308
Lv5: Katana (564 Atk), Cost: 344
Lv6: Flamberge (651 Atk), Cost: 380
Lv7: Zweihander (734 Atk), Cost: 416
Lv8: Broad Kris (825 Atk), Cost: 452
Lv9: Excalibur (912 Atk), Cost: 488
Lv10: Astral Sword (999 Atk), Cost: 524

Lv1: Clothing (1908 HP), Cost: 0
Lv2: Protector (2807 HP), Cost: 204
Lv3: Breastplate (3706 HP), Cost: 258
Lv4: Chainmail (4605 HP), Cost: 312
Lv5: Fullplate (5504 HP), Cost: 366
Lv6: Samurai Plate (6403 HP), Cost: 420
Lv7: Valkyrie Garb (7302 HP), Cost: 474
Lv8: Odin Garb (8201 HP), Cost: 528
Lv9: Avaion (9100 HP), Cost: 582
Lv10: Astral Armor (9999 HP), Cost: 636

Elixir - Restore health, Cost: 150
Gold Voucher - 1000% Gold, Cost: 500
Divine Edge - 10000% Damage, Cost: 200
SoulShrine - Extend Lifespan, Cost: 50 + 70n

List of Monsters on Trigger Knight
Wolves - Attack: High, Def: Low
Goblin - Attack: Medium, Def: Medium
Golems - Attack: Low, Def: High
Dragons - Attack: High, Def: High

Walkthrough Guide on Trigger Knight
To successfully slay the dragon, you will need to start the game off correctly. By properly, I mean buy the first weapon upgrade as soon as it shows up! While armour upgrades are superior over sword upgrades, they fully restore your health as well aside increasing max HP. Save money by not purchasing armour first. It's best to hit the Armorsmith after a battle when you're low on health and you know there is no option left. I always budget a minimum of 4 attacks from the enemy and assume that he will hit 5-10% harder than the last enemy. Use the Soul Shrine when you are low on Life Span around 20%-ish. If you have a good sense of timing, wait until the last second to use it to maximise the duration of your new Life Span by making it start later.

I cannot stress the usefulness of Gold Vouchers enough. But saving up for a Gold Ticket early can cost you a short game or give you a very long one, which is a gamble. One good way to use your Gold Voucher is by using up your Elixir during battle regardless of health if you see the voucher coming and having enough gold once you reached that turn. Then, during next battle, you will have as much health to fight the monsters when you use your Voucher on. With the extra gold earned, prioritise weapon upgrades first, then one stock elixir. Only use armour upgrades only if your health is low. If you encounter more vouchers along the way again, this time, you can choose to buy armour to restore your health if drops below half. Avoid overwriting items by using them before buying others; they don't stack either.

After Day 8, never go into a battle without an item. This is when Dragons start appearing, though I don't usually encounter one until about Day 10. The easiest way to defeat one is to use the Divine Edge item. If you don't have that, then you'd better have an Elixir. Keep an eye on your health, but also watch how much damage you take from each hit. Use it at the last second or if you don't have enough to survive another hit, you'll have a chance at slaying the beast.


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