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The Company of Myself: Walkthrough Guide

The Company of Myself: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Company of Myself
Level 1
- Just walk right to the green square and enter.

Level 2
- Walk to the right again, jump over the platforms, then enter the green square.

Level 3
- Hop across the platforms and don't fall, then reach the exit.

Level 4
- Walk to the right wall
- Hit space to reverse time
- Jump on the shadows head and walk to the right.

Level 5
- Walk to the edge of the platform, and then hit space.
- Walk to the edge of the platform and jump on your shadows head and get to the next pillar. Hit space.
- Wait for the second shadow to get onto the pillar and then use it to get to the next pillar, hit space. Repeat until you can reach the top pillar and then go to the goal.

Level 6
- Jump across the gap, and keep walking right for about 10 seconds. Hit space.
- This time, go down the gap and move to the lever and hit A to use it.

Level 7
- Move over the platform to the right, and stand in the middle of it. Hit space.
- Move to the left and use the lever.

Level 8
- Keep walking right for about 5 seconds and then hit space.

Level 9
- For this one, you can try to time your jumps as if you were going up the stairs, or you can just jump and move right a bunch of times until you think you'd be at the top, then hit A. Hit space.
- Walk to the exit and wait for your shadow to use the lever

Level 10
- Walk off the cliff and drop down. Wait there for a second, and then walk across to the other side. Hit space.
- Drop down on your shadows head, and stand there while he traverses. Then hop to the exit.

Level 11
- This time, do the same thing as last time but in reverse order.
- Wait a second, then drop down and wait until you WOULD be across and hop to the exit. Hit space.
- Drop down and wait until your shadow is on your head, walk across and wait for him to jump to the exit.

Level 12
- For this one, you will have to pull the levers in order with your first shadow, and time it so when you go you jump across the platforms. To do it I just jumped before I pulled each lever as an indicator when to jump off the platform.

Level 13
- Walk to the goal with the Male, hit space.
- Walk to the goal with the female.

Level 14
- Have the male go on one side pulling each lever, and the female go on the other end, pulling all her levers.

Level 15
Move the male to the wall and have the female jump on him and then pull the lever.
- Repeat.

Level 16
- Use the male as a way to get the female to the black lever, but don't pull it yet.
- Move the male down and beside the black wall
- Pull the black lever with the female
- Have the male pull the pink lever and then move to the exit
- Move the female to the exit.

Level 17
- Have the female pull the pink lever.
- Have the male pull the black lever and go to the exit.

Level 18
- Walk to the lever, wait a few seconds and then pull it. Jump to the flower, and then hit space.
- Jump up the platforms and wait for your shadow to pull the lever and walk to the goal

Level 19
- For this one, all you need is put your shadow onto your head.
- Go out and make sure that you hit the jump first. Hit space, now jump again to trade places with your shadow and jump once more.
- Repeat this and make sure that your shadow stacks a chain of about six shadows on top of you.
- Walk right.

Level 20
- Just keep jumping into the pit and moving as far right as you can.
- Jam the jump key as you go over, and you should be able to get a boost over from one of your falling shadows.
- Sooner or later you or a shadow will make it across.


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