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Tequila Zombies 2: Walkthrough Guide

Tequila Zombies 2: Walkthrough Guide

List of Weapons on Tequila Zombies 2
Small Guns
Tier: 0, Damage: 1, Fire Rate: 3, Ammo: 2, Cost: Free
Colt Anaconda
Tier: 1, Damage: 2, Fire Rate: 2, Ammo: 1.5, Cost: 1,000
Desert Eagle
Tier: 2, Damage: 3, Fire Rate: 2, Ammo: 2, Cost: 4,000
Tier: 2, Damage: 2, Fire Rate: 3, Ammo: 2.5, Cost: 4,500

Circular Saw
Tier: 0, Damage: 2, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 2, Cost: 1,000
Chain Saw
Tier: 1, Damage: 2.5, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 2.5, Cost: 2,000
Stake Hammer
Tier: 2, Damage: 4, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 3.5, Cost: 7,000
Tier: 2, Damage: 4.5, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 3, Cost: 7,500

Long Arms
Shot Gun
Tier: 0, Damage: 3, Fire Rate: 2, Ammo: 3.5, Cost: 2,000
Tier: 1, Damage: 3.5, Fire Rate: 1, Ammo: 2, Cost: 3,500
Combat Shotgun
Tier: 2, Damage: 4, Fire Rate: 4, Ammo: 3, Cost: 12,000
Tier: 2, Damage: 5, Fire Rate: 1, Ammo: 2, Cost: 10,000

Tier: 0, Damage: 2, Fire Rate: 2, Ammo: 2, Cost: 2,000
Tommy Gun
Tier: 1, Damage: 2, Fire Rate: 3, Ammo: 4, Cost: 4,000
Tier: 2, Damage: 4, Fire Rate: 4, Ammo: 3, Cost: 8,000
Tier: 2, Damage: 3, Fire Rate: 4.5, Ammo: 4.5, Cost: 8,300

Tier: 0, Damage: 3.5, Fire Rate: 1, Ammo: 1, Cost: 8,000
Tier: 1, Damage: 4, Fire Rate: 2.5, Ammo: 2, Cost: 12,000
Cluster Launcher
Tier: 2, Damage: 4.5, Fire Rate: 3, Ammo: 2, Cost: 20,000
Guitar Launcher
Tier: 2, Damage: 5, Fire Rate: 2.5, Ammo: 2, Cost: 23,000

Type I
Tier: 0, Block: 1, Cost: 5,000
Type II
Tier: 1, Block: 2.5, Cost: 8,000
Type III
Tier: 2, Block: 5, Cost: 12,000

Tier: 3, Damage: 5, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 3, Cost: 30,000
Lightning Gun
Tier: 3, Damage: 5, Fire Rate: 5, Ammo: 2, Cost: 30,000

Recommended Build on Tequila Zombies 2
Small Guns
1. Colt Anaconda
2. Desert Eagle

1. Circular Saw
2. Chain Saw
3. Stake Hammer

Long Arms
1. Shotgun
2. Winchester
3. M95

1. MP5
2. Tommy Gun
3. M4A1

1. M79
2. Milkor
3. Cluster Launcher

1. Type I
2. Type II
3. Type III

1. Minigun
2. Lightning Gun

Walkthrough Guide on Tequila Zombies 2
Tequila Zombies 2 is kindof hampered. Hindered by the fact that the weapon unlocks system is flawed. I think the drops are determined by what is unlocked, with no regard for what has been unlocked. So if you have 4 weapons unlocked, and you kill 20 enemies, you will get one of each gun. But if you have unlocked with just a pistol and a minigun and then kill 20 enemies you get 2 pistols and 2 miniguns. Plus, it is more beneficial to get just pistol upgrades, so you duel wield. So I only unlocked pistols and minigun. The result was no low-level guns and tons of miniguns. After I had beaten the game with just miniguns and pistols I unlocked the other guns, and the game did become more fun, but it also became way harder. This is one way you can finish this game.

If not, you can follow one 'tech tree' at a time. For example, don't buy one of each gun first. Concentrate get a Tier 2 Pistol first, then consider purchasing other weapons like Automatic. This will be harder and more grindy, but you can use more weapons rather than just pistol and Minigun. During the battle when you grab a pistol, try to empty the clip before grabbing the second one which you will dual wield, and always dual wield when you do grab a pistol. Explosives were particularly good for groups and tougher enemies, but I found the auto weapons to be the best all round. Long Arms are also good at clearing Waves. Always try to aim high, never too low. If not, they will still be alive, crawling after you shoot them. Then remember that sword won't work on flying units, so always use a gun. Most bosses have very simple sets of moves, which you can use to your advantage. You can dodge under robocop's bullets for free hits, but get out before he pummels you in close quarters.

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Tequila Zombies: Walkthrough Guide

Tequila Zombies: Walkthrough Guide

List of Weapons on Tequila Zombies
Machete - Cost: 0
Axe - Cost: 1,500
Stake Hammer - Cost: 10,000
Chainsaw - Cost: 30,000

Beretta - Cost: 0
Colt - Cost: 2,500
Glock 17 - Cost: 5,000
Desert Eagle - Cost: 10,000

Sub-Machine Gun
Ingram - Cost: 2,000
MP5 - Cost: 4,000
Tommy Gun - Cost: 7,000
FN 90 - Cost: 10,000

Ruger - Cost: 2,000
Remington - Cost: 3,500
H&K Caws - Cost: 10,000
Jack Hammer - Cost: 20,000

Wingchester - Cost: 2,500
Styre Scout - Cost: 4,500
MSG 90 - Cost: 10,000
M9S - Cost: 30,000

Heavy Machine Gun
Ak 47 - Cost: 4,000
M4 - Cost: 7,000
Mb0 - Cost: 20,000
Minigun - Cost: 40,000

Recommended Build on Tequila Zombies
1. Axe
2. Colt
3. Stake Hammer
4. Ak-47
5. Winchester
6. M4
7. Styre Scout
8. Mb0
9. MSG 90
10. Minigun
11. M9S
12. Glock 17
13. Desert Eagle
14. Buy any weapons you like! :)

Walkthrough Guide on Tequila Zombies
In Tequila Zombies, ammunition is not collectible. The "use it or lose it" attitude on guns is making the game very luck-based, even at maximum upgrades; if you're unlucky enough not to have any weapon crates drop when a boss shows up, you will die. I will pick up Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun then slowly kill enemies and conserve ammo until you find the next crate that is either Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun. Once you know, you can a crate you safely pick up, use up all your remaining bullets in your current weapon before the threat disappears. Then repeat the process by conserving bullets again... If you are doing it right, you can finish the game before getting Minigun and M9s. I prefer Stake Hammer over Chainsaw because Chainsaw seems to do minor damage, but faster compared to Stake Hammer. Honestly, in a lot of situations, it's barely better than the stake hammer. You can run into a crowd and where the stake hammer would kill many of the zombies in one hit a bunch of them get off a single shot when using the chainsaw. And for some reason, Chainsaw caused my game to lag, so Stake Hammer is better.

For the first two bosses, the minute you don't have any weapon crates drop when he shows up; you will be dying. That's why I invested only on Stake Hammer, Desert Eagle, Minigun, and M9S. The melee weapon and pistol are mandatory so they can't be helped. So, this will give you a 66% chance of getting a Heavy Machine Gun and Rifle during weapon drops, making the first two boss fights more advantageous. Try not to run past him as much as possible; you will confirm get hit by him. Then the Final Boss, you can completely avoid his attacks by running past him straight without any worries. His punch attacks are too delayed to hit you, and the beams you can easily avoid when timed correctly.

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Last Town: Walkthrough Guide

Last Town: Walkthrough Guide

List of Mayor on Last Town
+ 10% damage for all units.
+ 10% defense for all units.
+ 2% health regen for all units.

List of Town Perks on Last Town
Musket - Kills up to 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Zombie that would overrun the town.
Courage - Townsfolk gain extra 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 % hitpoints.
Fortune - Enemies 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 % more likely to drop items.
Scavenge - Dig additional 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 time after each battle.
Leadership - Townsfolk cost 5 / 10 / 14 / 17 / 25 less to hire.
Stockpile - Begin each battle with extra 20 / 35 / 60 / 75 /90 apples.
Adrenaline - Townsfolk recharge activated skills 5 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 % faster.
Armor - Townsfolk receive 5 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 % less damage.
Fertilizer - Apples grow 14 / 19 / 26 / 32 / 40 % faster.
Intimidation - Enemies walk 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 % slower.
Bravery - Townsfolk inflict extra 5 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 % damage.
Endurance - Extends attack range of townsfolk by 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.

List of Training on Last Town
Apple Tree - Creates a tree that grows apples.
Tea - + 33% health.
Cultivation - 20% cheaper.
Herbal Medicine - + 10 health regen per second.

Shadow Assassinate - Instantly assassinates one enemy.
Double Shadow - Increases shadow assassinate to two enemies.
Steel - + 25% damage.
Spiked Bracelet - + 25% damage.

Heal - Heals for 25 hitpoints.
Aloe Essence - Passively heals up to 8 adjacent allies.
Lavender Essence - + 25 points for Heal over 5 secs.
Eucalyptus Essence - + 25 points for Heal.

Skill - Creates a flurry of arrows.
Flame - Enflames arrows that burn enemies for 5 seconds.
Damage - + 20% damage.
Damage II - + 20% damage.

Haste - Doubles attack speed.
Thorns - Returns 40% of melee damage.
Hitpoints - + 33% hitpoints.
Defense - + 33% defense.

Skill - Freezes enemies for 4 seconds.
Ensnare - Reduces enemy movement speed to 66%.
Extends Freeze - Extends Freeze to 7 seconds.
Further Ensnares - Further reduces enemy movement speed to 33%.

Skill - Creates a wall to block enemies.
Wall Durability I - + 50% hitpoints.
Wall Blaze - Returns 33% of damage on wall back to enemies.
Wall Durability II - + 50% hitpoints.

Jolt - Damages and pushes back enemies.
Leather - Widen attack range.
Steel Tip - +20 % damage.
Gold Tip - +20 % damage.

Recommended Build for Last Town
Town Perks
1. Musket
2. Fortune
3. Scavenge
4. Leadership
5. Stockpile
6. Fertilizer
7. Armor
8. Courage
9. Endurance
10. Bravery
11. Adrenaline
12. Intimidation

1. Farmer
2. Archer
3. Javalineer
4. Engineer
5. Cleric
6. Blacksmith
7. Pharmacist
8. Assassin

Last Town Walkthrough
Last Town is a decent tower defense game. Loads of decisions need to be made and depends too much on luck, e.g. how many coins and gems you get when digging. This game is tough; I had a hard time beating due to enemy ranged units; they are overpowered, forcing units to be placed farther forward and in a compromising position against enemies that pop up halfway across the board. And the way zombies spawn from gravestones right next to your town is unfair, especially since JUST ONE zombie getting past makes you lose... The loss condition is unfairly harsh without the Musket upgrade but laughably easy once it is maxed. Let yourself die, in the early levels to gain more stars and gems before advancing into higher difficulties. Healers only heal passively (with upgrade) or with their skill. They attack enemies.

For most stages, I only implement Farmers, Archers, Engineer, Javalineer. Farmers skill can produce more apples which are essential for building more characters, and those apple trees can block zombie's path. Use it to your advantage. Archer has an incredible AOE skills; it's a little weak but still better than nothing. Engineer is a strong pick due to the skill he has, which blocks zombie's path like Farmer's Apple Tree. Javalineer's jolt is fantastic when things can be messy. I will always build at least 3 farmers in front, then slowly build other characters which are best for the situation.

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Where Is Cat?: Walkthrough Guide

Where is cat?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Where is cat?
1. Click the cat that's entering through the pet flap.
2. Click the cat on the left side of the sofa.
3. Click the cat on the right side of the table
4. Click the cat behind the plant pot.
5. Click the cat under the bed beside the red slipper.
6. Click the cat in the sink.
7. Click the cat that's entering the garage.
8. Click the red plate in front of the green bin.
9. Click the red plate beside the red backpack.
10. Click the red plate which is stacked in the middle of the white plates.
11. Click the red plate behind the racket.
12. Click the red plate under the plant pot.
13. Click the red plate under the orange-red bottle.
14. Click the red plate in the full bucket of laundry.
15. Click the cup beside the racket.
16. Click the cup beside the plant pot.
17. Click the cup in the sink.

18. Click the cup on the handle of the racket.
19. Click the cup under the bed, beside the toy car.
20. Click the cup beside the yellow cup.
21. Click the cup on the grass below the bucket of laundry.
22. Click the cupcake behind the right shoe.
23. Click the cupcake near the green teapot.
24. Click the cupcake in the bowl of colored beads beside the cactus.
25. Click the cupcake beside the toy dinosaur.
26. Click the cupcake besides the yellow and green perfume.
27. Click the cupcake on the bathtub tap.
28. Click the cupcake behind the scooter.
29. Click the mouse behind the tree.
30. Click the mouse behind the blue headset.
31. Click the mouse behind the stacked white cups.
32. Click the mouse behind the lamp.
33. Click the mouse behind rubbish bin.
34. Click the mouse between the stacked towels.
35. Click the mouse on the tree branch.

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Iron Knight: Walkthrough Guide

Iron Knight: Walkthrough Guide

List of Skills on Iron Knight
Health - Increase health maximum to 150 / 200 / 250 / 300.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Experience - Getting more experience by 20 / 40 / 70 / 100 %.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Search - Increase in the rate of search by 20 / 40 / 70 / 100 %.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Repair - Increase in the rate of repair by 20 / 40 / 70 / 100 %.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Accuracy - Increase shooting accuracy by 20 / 40 / 70 / 100 %.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Reload - Increase reload speed by 20 / 40 / 70 / 100 %.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8
Armor - Increase armor gate to 150 / 200 / 250 / 300.
Cost: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8

Recommended Build on Iron Knight
1. Search
2. Repair
3. Experience
4. Accuracy
5. Health
6. Armor
7. Reload
8. Repeat! :)

Walkthrough Guide on Iron Knight
Iron Knight is a decently challenging game. If you start playing, you might need to trial and error to play it, as long as you never forget to upgrade your skills. Mainly focus on repairing faster and searching. This will allow you to be more efficient after killing the enemies every wave. One good way picks one side and go to the farther Bush first. Do as much searching when you can in the early game, because your enemies are still weak. When enemies come, kill them while pulling back to the castle. The other side will already have lost HP when you get back, kills anyone quickly who is still alive. Repair both gates if needed; your gate should maintain an ideal health about 90% of all time. Then start over and go to the furthest bush, before the wave starts. Don't worry about repairing every item you find, just get it back to the castle as it seems fit, and ammo conservation is not needed, use whatever works best! One major thing I noticed is the motorcycle largely irrelevant. You don't need the motorcycle to win. I finished the motorcycle but was still able to run back and forth, keep the gate repaired, and get all of the parts for the base to win the game. And the worst part is it breaks! Don't bother trying, if you want to end the game fast. :P

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The Company of Myself: Walkthrough Guide

The Company of Myself: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Company of Myself
Level 1
- Just walk right to the green square and enter.

Level 2
- Walk to the right again, jump over the platforms, then enter the green square.

Level 3
- Hop across the platforms and don't fall, then reach the exit.

Level 4
- Walk to the right wall
- Hit space to reverse time
- Jump on the shadows head and walk to the right.

Level 5
- Walk to the edge of the platform, and then hit space.
- Walk to the edge of the platform and jump on your shadows head and get to the next pillar. Hit space.
- Wait for the second shadow to get onto the pillar and then use it to get to the next pillar, hit space. Repeat until you can reach the top pillar and then go to the goal.

Level 6
- Jump across the gap, and keep walking right for about 10 seconds. Hit space.
- This time, go down the gap and move to the lever and hit A to use it.

Level 7
- Move over the platform to the right, and stand in the middle of it. Hit space.
- Move to the left and use the lever.

Level 8
- Keep walking right for about 5 seconds and then hit space.

Level 9
- For this one, you can try to time your jumps as if you were going up the stairs, or you can just jump and move right a bunch of times until you think you'd be at the top, then hit A. Hit space.
- Walk to the exit and wait for your shadow to use the lever

Level 10
- Walk off the cliff and drop down. Wait there for a second, and then walk across to the other side. Hit space.
- Drop down on your shadows head, and stand there while he traverses. Then hop to the exit.

Level 11
- This time, do the same thing as last time but in reverse order.
- Wait a second, then drop down and wait until you WOULD be across and hop to the exit. Hit space.
- Drop down and wait until your shadow is on your head, walk across and wait for him to jump to the exit.

Level 12
- For this one, you will have to pull the levers in order with your first shadow, and time it so when you go you jump across the platforms. To do it I just jumped before I pulled each lever as an indicator when to jump off the platform.

Level 13
- Walk to the goal with the Male, hit space.
- Walk to the goal with the female.

Level 14
- Have the male go on one side pulling each lever, and the female go on the other end, pulling all her levers.

Level 15
Move the male to the wall and have the female jump on him and then pull the lever.
- Repeat.

Level 16
- Use the male as a way to get the female to the black lever, but don't pull it yet.
- Move the male down and beside the black wall
- Pull the black lever with the female
- Have the male pull the pink lever and then move to the exit
- Move the female to the exit.

Level 17
- Have the female pull the pink lever.
- Have the male pull the black lever and go to the exit.

Level 18
- Walk to the lever, wait a few seconds and then pull it. Jump to the flower, and then hit space.
- Jump up the platforms and wait for your shadow to pull the lever and walk to the goal

Level 19
- For this one, all you need is put your shadow onto your head.
- Go out and make sure that you hit the jump first. Hit space, now jump again to trade places with your shadow and jump once more.
- Repeat this and make sure that your shadow stacks a chain of about six shadows on top of you.
- Walk right.

Level 20
- Just keep jumping into the pit and moving as far right as you can.
- Jam the jump key as you go over, and you should be able to get a boost over from one of your falling shadows.
- Sooner or later you or a shadow will make it across.