Monday, August 31, 2015

Once Upon A Timeline: Walkthrough Guide

Once Upon A Timeline: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Once Upon A Timeline
Note: To get out from the time machine, click 'Esc' on your keyboard!
1. 1953: Meet with your aunt.
2. 2008: Talk with the vagrant.
3. 1940: Get the wine.
4. 2008: Talk with the vagrant again to get the phone.
5. 1953: Meet with your aunt again.
6. 1910: Stole the graph from the table, click twice.
7. 1954: Observe the corpse of your aunt.

8. 1901: Remove bullet from the shotgun.
9. 1902: Get the shovel.
10.1894: Dig the helmet up.
11.1953: Give the helmet to the aunt.
12.1954: Watch your aunt died again and observed the corpse again.
13.1978: Get the anti-bullet armor.
14.1953: Give the armor to your aunt.
15.1954: Watch the stupid agent fail finally and talk with your aunt to reach the ending.


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