Friday, 10 July 2015

Trollface Quest 5: Walkthrough Guide

Trollface Quest 5: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Trollface Quest 5
1: Click the Troll Cup on the stadium display.
2: Click the scissor at the left bottom, then click the red flyer on the wall. Pick up the paper and click the bouncer, then on the little guy.
3: Click the moon four times.
4: Click the little guy twice, then click the ball.
5: Click the Troll's right hand, then click on the criminal.
6: Click the right gray bottle twice beside the beer dispenser, then click the little guy.
7: Drag the drawer to the left, unplug the socket and click the bouncer.
8: Click the television, then spam click the little guy.
9: Click the exhaust pipe of each car, then click the traffic light.
10: Click on the rounded shape beside the Troll, then click the ball.

11: Click the chair, then the head. Hold the click and randomly circling the head three times.
12: Click the scoreboard on the soccer table "0:3".
13: Click the ball 10 times.
14: Click the trash bin on the left. Drag the dirty shoe to the far right of the crowd, and walk in like a boss.
15: Click the little guy twice.
16: Click the goal post, then click the stadium display three times.
17: Click the little guy three times, then click on the cap.
18: Click the scoreboard to "6:0".
19: Click the bar at the goal post, then click the little guy's ball.
20: Spam clicks the Troll's head. Once the bar is full, click the ball.


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