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Fatal Fighters: Walkthrough Guide

Fatal Fighters: Walkthrough Guide

List of Fighters on Fatal Fighters
Active Attack: 26
Active Armor: 11
Ability #1: Damage 10 - 22.
Ability #2: Destroys 10 points of armor.

Active Attack: 21
Active Armor: 16
Ability #1: Damage 16. Remove 100% of enemy's attack.
Ability #2: Enemy can't attack next round

Active Attack: 25
Active Armor: 12
Ability #1: Damage 16. Remove 100% of enemy's armor.
Ability #2: Heal 11 HP.

Active Attack: 19
Active Armor: 18
Ability #1: Deals damage equal to your armor.
Ability #2: Increase chance of attack to 100%.

Active Attack: 20
Active Defense: 17
Ability #1: Damage 11. Remove 50% enemy's armor.
Ability #2: Gain two additional moves next round.

Active Attack: 24
Active Armor: 13
Ability #1: Damage 8. Heal 8.
Ability #2: Remove one move from enemy next round.

Active Attack: 23
Active Defense: 14
Ability #1: Damage 16. Bypass enemy's armor.
Ability #2: Randomly reduce enemy's skill points by a total of 150%.

Active Attack: 18
Active Armor: 19
Ability #1: Damage 7. Enemy can't use armor in next step.
Ability #2: Double your current attack.

Walkthrough Guide on Fatal Fighters
When playing Keitaro, you should try to end the match as quickly as possible because he can be taken down within rounds. He is one of the best full attacking fighters, however has no defending skills. He can do a raw damage of 48 damage per round which is the highest among all the fighters, and weakest fighter giving 11 armor. His first ability is damage enemy 10-22 damage randomly and the second ability is destroy enemy's armor. Try going to attack and ability stones first, then armor. His second ability is very good skill, but use only when the enemy has cast armor onto himself. Or else you are still wasting this ability potential. The better player will take good advantage of this skill.

Misty has quite some disables. His first ability deals 16 damage and removes 100% of the enemy's attack. The second skill is you can disable an enemy from attacking for one round. Both skills are very powerful. If you pull this combination correctly, you can almost disable your opponent from attacking you for almost 2 rounds, then you slowly charge up your combos again and repeat. This ability combo is good, but take note that is if the fighter has an ability that can do damage or reduce your skill points, you will need to stack armor first. Once you stack enough armor, you can slowly perform this overpowers disable again and again.

Mythril is not the best but is an average fighter in my opinion. He has pretty decent stats of 24 attacks and 13 armor. His ability is rather strong as removing enemy's armor by 100% and deal 16 damage when cast. Simply stack matching stones for the first ability and your attack to fully 100%, then cast ability first and attack. It can hurt quite a bit, especially those fighters with high armor such as potent. When you are low on health, cast your second ability to heal 11 HP. The heal is not a lot, but it can sustain you on the match longer when the combos are right.

Some may debate this as the worst fighter, but I think this fighter is quite impressive and my favorite to be honest. His damage is only 19 and armor 18, second lowest damage, but second highest armor. His abilities have synergy to its active attack and armor. His first ability deals damage to your armor, meaning the more armor you stack the stronger this ability is going to hurt. Normally, there are rounds where enemies don't attack, use this window to stack your armor. Then his second ability has increased chance of attack to 100%! This is equal to a free attack without fail. If you already successfully performed an attack earlier on, you can use this ability to then attack the enemy again. He can attack a total of 3 times in one turn! The damage is good, but a little hard to use when your stones are not really good.

Hammer is the only fighter which can gain two additional moves next round. These two moves are very beneficial if you aren't very good at matching stones. The two moves can significantly increase your chances of performing the skills later on. The stats of this fighter is above average, attack 20 armor 17. The first ability is similar to Mythril's first ability but weaker; dealing 11 damage and reduce 50% armor only. Still, it is good to have!

Muzzle is weak for his ability in my opinion. His first ability damages 8 to the enemy and heals 8 to himself. This is very weak compared to the rest that does more damage or has the better ability. Then his second ability removes one move from enemy next round, which means instead of 4 enemies now only have 3 moves to play with. I don't love this skill as you have no control over what enemies is doing. Sometimes the enemies still can match the stones and combos you well enough to defeat you. I have the hardest time killing the enemy using my attack and first ability.

Cutter is a not bad if you want to unlock him. He has pretty standard stats 23 attack damage and 14 armor. The first ability bypasses enemy armor and does 16 damage. Very good when enemies are stacking armor, and the damage is decent. The second ability has randomly reduced enemy's skill points by a total of 150%. This is one awesome ability to have, but there is one drawback... Enemies do not always have 150% skill points to let you reduce. Most of the time, I only get to reduce 40-60%. It is very hard to be in that situation where you get to reduce all, 150%; this is one of the troubles I face using this fighter.

Tokimac is the last fighter in the Fatal Fighters. His stats are low on the scale; 18 damage and 19 armor. The only fighter with better armor than attack. His abilities are pretty decent. The first one deal 7 damage and the enemy cannot use armor in the next turn. This is one good ability to have to stop any fighter from gaining armor. Then the second ability is double your current attack; Double of 18 is 36! You will deal 36 raw damage to the enemy. Not a bad ability to have but it is best to have your attack chances to at 100% before using this ability. Or you will rage if it fails to attack.


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