Friday, March 6, 2015

Pirates vs Undead: Walkthrough Guide

Pirates vs Undead: Walkthrough Guide

List of Pirates on Pirates vs Undead
Damage: 5, Health: 10, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 2
Damage: 4, Health: 4, Speed: 7, Type: Ranged, Cost: 3
Jim & Ray
Damage: 6, Health: 15, Speed: 15, Type: Melee, Cost: 6
Damage: 6, Health: 20, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 7
Damage: 7, Health: 10, Speed: 10, Type: Ranged, Cost: 8
Damage: 10, Health: 28, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 9
Damage: 9, Health: 13, Speed: 6, Type: Ranged, Cost: 10
Damage: 14, Health: 35, Speed: 7, Type: Melee, Cost: 12

Recommended Build on Pirates vs Undead
1. Jack
2. Haves
3. Jim & Ray
4. Clegg
5. Omar
6. Patch
7. Hook
8. Bucko

Walkthrough Guide on Pirates vs Undead
Most levels were too easy, but the last three were pretty fun and challenging. You've pretty much gotta complete the game with what you got from the start to the end, meeting harder and harder enemies with the same weak characters. It doesn't matter if your pirates reach the end, you're not taking health from the other side. You have to kill the enemies to get the opposite side to zero. The proper tactic on how to win this game is best to have 1 or 2 ranged troops (depending on how good the opponent is) and 1 melee to tank the fight. If your tanker dies, replace him otherwise, your ranged troops will die. Mostly because ranged units can dish out tons of damage as long they don't get close to enemies. Otherwise, you are wasting your hard-earned gold summoning all those pirates and then lose ten health which is not worth it. During the battle, try to spam your bottle as much as possible on harder enemies and boss. Bombs on clusters to make use of the AOE.


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