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Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak: Walkthrough Guide

Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak
The Base
1. Travel to the far left of the base to grab the shovel.
2. Exit the house and grab both the house keys and the wire from the dumpster.
3. Head into the alley beside the house to grab the bullet wedged into the wall and the wire cutters stuck into the ground.
4. Exit the base by exiting through the broken fence into the woods. To be most efficient with time spending, start by heading to the bottom-right location (-10 minutes).

The Church
1. Grab the axe stuck in the stump on the bottom right.
2. Take the bullet lying on the ground. The little bastard can be found on the ground left of the third fence post from the Church. Because it is barely noticeable, it is best to use the description that appears on the bottom-left of the screen to properly locate it.
3. With no other use for the church, now exit and head to the top-right location (-10 minutes).

The Gas Station
1. Take the bullet and the bullet and empty fuel canister from the front of the gas station.
2. Enter the gas station, and loot the cash register and the medical kit for a coin and painkillers.
3. From the shelf, take some batteries and a water bottle.
4. Enter the backroom of the gas station using the axe from the church.
5. Take the room's bullet and rubber hose.
6. Exit the gas station and walk over to the top-left location (-10 minutes).

The Shop
1. Insert your coin from the gas station into the shopping cart. Now you can carry heavy items!
2. Using the shopping cart, grab the reel of metal by the fence.
3. Talk to Jeremy, the blonde man on the right side of the screen. He will provide you information about his lost glasses. You can trust him about his repayment.
4. Enter the shop, take both the bottle of alcohol and the battery-less camera form the store's shelves.
5. Notice the hole in the shop with the growling noises? Upon clicking on it, you'll find a trapped zombie and Jeremy's glasses. You have a bullet saved for him.
6. Power the camera using the batteries from the gas station. Then, take a picture of the child's drawing outside the shop. There is a man who may want this...
6. Now exit the shop to head over to the last unidentified location, the crash site (-10 minutes).

The Crash Site
1. Grab the 9mm handheld gun form the ground near the police car for our zombie buddies.
2. Attach the rubber hose from the gas station onto the police car's fuel tank and collect it using the empty fuel cannister. Now it's full!
3. Do not bother with the sticks from the bush; they will only hinder you. Now, make the return to the shop (-10 minutes).

The Shop Revisited
1. Head into the shop to your trapped zombie friend and load your gun with your four bullets.
2. Deal him quick justice (+5 zombies) and grab Jeremy's glasses.
3. Head outside the shop and hand Jeremy his glasses. Now you have his willing support (+1 friend).
4. Make the final visit to the church (-20 mins).

The Church Revisited
1. Using the trolley from the shop, fill it up with the bag of cement and the pile of bricks. Now you can barricade your base's windows!
2. Head inside the church, to find a lonely, depressed man on the left. Remedy this with your photo from the shops. Now Father Bernard has joined your ranks (+1 friend).
3. Now with all support and supplies collected, time has come to defend your base. Head "home" (-10 mins).

The Base Revisited
1. Before starting any preparations, enslave our old accomplice Bill using the painkillers you grabbed from the shop. Do not hand him anything else for now.
2. Head out to the gate, and repair it by joining it up with the reel of metal from the shops. With help from your three friends, it should take 1 hour and 45 minutes (-1 hour and 45 minutes). Now you have your first line of defense (-15 zombies)!
3. Improve this by powering the generator with the fuel canister you collected from the police car at the crash site. Then, turn on and connect the generator to the fence with the pair of wires from the dumpster to electrify the fence (-5 zombies)!
4. Heading out to the front yard of the house, dig a pit trap with the shovel from the base for the zombies. With the help of your three friends, it will take 1 hour and 30 minutes (-1 hour and 30 mins). Now you have your second line of defense (-15 zombies)!
5. Head inside the house, and lock the door with the keys from the dumpster. Now you have your primary third line of defense (-10 zombies)!
6. Head into the room with Bill and add both the bottle of water from the gas station and the bag of cement from the church into the sand bucket.
7. Mix this to create mortar, and use the bricks form the church on the window, using it and the mortar to barricade it. With the help your your three friends, it will take 45 minutes (-45 minutes). Now you have your secondary third line defense built (-10 zombies). Now you have created all of the defenses, which in all will fend off 55 zombies in all!
8. Fulfil Bill's wish to have the bottle of alcohol, which will leave in intoxicated and unconscious. Now, slaughter him with the axe from the church (otherwise, he will prove his disloyalty during the attack). He was a zombie after all.
9. Head over to the far left of the base, where the locked hatch it located. Put the metal cutter from the base's alleyway to use, removing the stubborn padlock (can also be shot away, but will attract 5 more zombies).
10. Climb inside the hatch, with only Father Bernard, Jeremy, a shovel, a wire cutter, a full fuel canister, an axe, a shopping cart, a gun with three bullets, a pair of wires, and a key.
11. Shut the hatch, and start the attack, having 2 hours and 40 minutes left on the clock, by clicking on the clock in the inventory.

The Attack
The attack should end perfectly, with nobody harmed, and no zombies within the base. If the base were to be breached, though, the hatch would fend off 5 zombies, the axe 1 zombie, and 1 zombie per bullet. All three of you will escape unharmed, and the game will end.