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Stachmou and the Golden Compass: Walkthrough Guide

Stachmou and the Golden Compass: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Stachmou and the Golden Compass
The Bar:
- Click on the urinal on the right to get the "mints."
- Leave the room
- Click underneath the left-most bar stool to look at the gum then click on it again to pick it up. Then leave the room to go outside and then go down to the port.
- Collect the bottle and take the hook and string from the tackle box. Combine the gum and hook.
- Go back to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. Fill the bottle up with water and then combine it with the mints. Use the gum hook on the vending machine coin slot to get a gold coin.
- Exit the bathroom.
- Give the mint bottle to the sailor on the bar stool. Once he is gone, you can pick up the pepper from the bowl that was behind him.
- Go outside and drop the pepper in the drinkers bottle. He'll burn down the bar sign allowing you to take the parrot.
- Go to the port and set the parrot on the wooden crate to attract the other parrot. Go over to the barrel to get a swordfish.
- Go back to the bar and use the swordfish on the rope holding the anchor lamp up and watch it fall on the barkeep. Take cleaning rag to find the map.
- If you turn off the water on the faucet, you can earn an achievement for saving water. Also, you can fill up your bottle with more water if you want too.
- Go to the port and give the gold coin and the map to the pirate to set sail.

The Island:
- Grab the coconut and continue going past the temple to the next page. Look at the moving bush, then click on it again to pick up the porcupine. Use the coconut on the rocks to split it in half and pick it up.
- Go back to the temple and give the coconut helmet to the right monkey. He will reveal the code from the door, but you are missing a circle.
- Use the porcupine on the left statue head under the left monkey. Then click on the left monkey.
- Grab the banana and head back to the right. Give the banana to the female monkey and take the ring.
- Go back to the temple and click on the door. Use the ring on the center and turn the piece to make the door unlock. Go inside.
- Use the bottle if it is filled with water on the gold statue to switch them out for an achievement. Or, if you did not fill your bottle with water, click on the pot in the corner to collect some rice and combine that with your bottle to be able to trade it with the statue.

The Temple:
- Click on the compass and head back to your ship to win the game and the golden compass achievement.


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