Sunday, November 16, 2014

Idle Tree: Walkthrough Guide

Idle Tree: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Idle Tree
Manual Fighter
1. Upgrade Tree
2. Upgrade Click's Strength
3. Upgrade Manual-Click Fighter

Auto Fighter
1. Upgrade Fighter's Speed
2. Upgrade Fighter's Strength
3. Upgrade Auto-Click Fighter

List of Trees on Idle Tree
- Sapling
- Young Tree
- Tree
- Autumn Tree
- Spooky Tree
- Tree of Souls
- Christmas Tree
- Palm Tree
- Bonsai
- Jack's Beanstalk
- White Tree of Gondor
- Truffula Tree
- Burning Tree
- Yggdrasil
- Mario 64 Tree
- Minecraft Tree
- Whomping Willow
- Swamp Tree
- Giant Mushroom
- Ent
- Space Tree
- Cable Tree
- Cherry Blossom Tree
- Cacti
- Kite-eating Tree
- Grandmother Willow
- Bambus
- Family Tree
- Great Deku Tree
- Mana Tree

List of Coins on Idle Tree
- Bronze (one, 1)
- Silver (thousand, k)
- Gold (million, m)
- Platinum [cyan] (billion, b)
- Ruby [red] (trillion, t)
- Amethyst [purple] (quadrillion, q)
- Emerald [green] (quintillion, qt)
- Rose [pink] (sextillion, s)
- Sapphire [blue] (septillion, sp)
- Diamond [white] (octillion, o)
- Onyx [black] (nonillion, n)
- Rainbow (decillion, dc)
- Unobtainium [gold-green] (undecillion, u)

Walkthrough Guide on Idle Tree
The fastest way for me to win Idle Tree is to buy all the 4 Auto-Click Fighters first. Once you have all 4 of them, you can start to concentrate and put all your gold onto one fighter. Normally, I will upgrade 2 times Fighter's Speed then 1 time Fighter's Strength. So, you should always have like 10 Fighter's Speed maxed and 5 Fighter's Strength. Once you are done, buy the remaining Fighter's Strength then upgrade your Auto-Click Fighter. Now, repeat the process until you win the game. Remember to upgrade your tree every time you can. Basically, this method seems to work fairly for me. The logic behind is you are gaining more idle clicks first because every time you upgrade your Auto-Click Fighter, the speed will fall back to level 1. Instead of increasing the amount of gold you are earning, I focus on gaining the amount of auto-clicks first. That's why I went for speed over strength. Please comment below if you have tried going for strength over speed first. One tip here is, you keep the left mouse button pressed and simultaneously keep pressing right mouse button and space-bar you can generate 3 times the money!