Sunday, September 14, 2014

Curl Up and Fly!: Walkthrough Guide

Curl Up and Fly!: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Curl Up and Fly!
Power Generators - Adds a power generator to your launch. Total: 4
Launch Power - Base modifier for launch (x power generators). Total: 20
Bounciness - How bouncy your armadillo is. Total: 20
Total Objects - How often springs, mines, and balloons appear. Total: 20
Total Fuel - How much fuel you have. Total: 20
Fuel Recharge - How fast your fuel recharges while in ball mode. Total: 20
Magnet - How attractive you are to coins. Total: 8
Thrust - How fast your rocket thrusts. Total: 20
Coin Bonus - How valuable each coin is. Total: 20

Recommended Build on Curl Up and Fly!
Note: 1 being the most important, 9 being the less important.
1. Power Generators
2. Launch Power
3. Coin Bonus
4. Magnet
5. Fuel Recharge
6. Thrust
7. Total Objects
8. Bounciness
9. Total Fuel

Note: 1 being the most important, 8 being the less important.
1. Coin Bonus
2. Magnet
3. Launch Power
4. Fuel Recharge
5. Thrust
6. Total Objects
7. Bounciness
8. Total Fuel

Walkthrough Guide on Curl Up and Fly!
The game will escalate quite quickly after 5-10 run. Simply aim to get as all 4 Power Generators first, this will definitely give you a huge boost in distance. Afterward, I stacked on fuel recharge, coin bonus, magnet, thrust. Maximizing those gives you the ability to recover when you're near the bottom. With quick thrust you gain speed much quicker, mixed with recharge and you just need 1 mine/balloon/spring, and you gain almost max fuel. Try to get max speed while staying low, there is a coin forest between the ground and the first layer of balloons. With coin bonus and magnet I pulled in so much money so early. I nearly made 5 million in 1 round very early on. At that moment (for me, it was between day 20-30), you can make every run infinite. Using the rocket to make sure your speed doesn't slow below 10, and using mines/springs/balloons to keep your height, you can literally never stop. I went from 300,000ft to 800,000ft at 30mph like this, and I had to let it die to "win" the game. It breaks the game from that point on, and I could spam every achievement by just letting the game run and tapping space. Still, I had lots of fun with this game.


  1. Good explanation but one of the achievements is reaching a speed of 200 mph. Setting all of the adjustables to THRUST, I was only able to reach 57+ mph. Any suggestions?

  2. Aim horizontally.