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Sprout: Walkthrough Guide

Sprout: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Sprout
1. Coconut across the bay.
2. Dandelion to the hill.
3. Coconut to the valley to get fruit.
4. Dandelion to the hilltop.
5. Berry to draw sheep.
6. Dandelion to land on sheep.
7. Dandelion to blow by the bridge.
8. Coconut to crack bridge once.
9. Dandelion to blow by the bridge.
10. Coconut to crack bridge twice.
11. Dandelion to blow by the bridge.
12. Coconut to crack bridge 3rd time.
13. Dandelion to blow by the bridge.
14. Coconut to destroy the bridge.

15. Berry to attract large bird, get up the cliff.
16. Coconut to go down the waterfall and acquire vine.
17. Vine to climb the cliff.
18. Berry to attract large bird again.
19. Vine to get rid of the large bird.
20. Dandelion to blow over the waterfall.
21. Berry to attract small bird, get over the gorge.
22. Coconut to roll down the hill and back from the river.
23. Coconut to alter ramp.
24. Vine to climb the ramp.
25. Berry to attract the small bird.
26. Coconut to jump river.
27. Acorn to finish the game.


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