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Dragon Princess: Walkthrough Guide

Dragon Princess: Walkthrough Guide

List of Companions on Dragon Princess
Fire Mage
Skill: Shoots fireballs.
Rage: Killed enemy explodes.
Special: Damage of fireballs x2.

Skill: Shoot Shurikens.
Rage: Launches a few giant shurikens around.
Special: Damages enemies so they can't attack.

Skill: Has a spiky thing floating around.
Rage: Spiky thing size x3 increased.
Special: Lots of leaves hurt enemies.

Skill: Shoots arrows.
Rage: Shoots x2 more arrows.
Special: Shoots arrows directly into an enemy.

Skill: Launches a few swords.
Rage: Damage of swords doubled.
Special: Damages enemies so they can't attack.

Ice Mage
Skill: Shoots a few ice spikes around.
Rage: Shoots huge ice spikes.
Special: 50% chance to freeze an enemy, if killed it freezes area around.

List of Upgrades on Dragon Princess
Mila's Upgrades
Healthy - +1 Life. Cost: 100
Fired Up - More fireball. Cost: 600
Faster Shooter - Faster recharge. Cost: 700
Health 2.0 - +1 Life. Cost: 950
Fire Master - Even more fireball. Cost: 110

Different Upgrades
Better Leader - +1 max group. Cost: 100
Smart With Money - More money from coins. Cost: 350
Greedy - +15% money from enemies. Cost: 500
Better Teleporter - Faster loot spawn. Cost: 750
Real Commander - +1 max group. Cost: 950

Fire Mage Upgrades
Fire Control - 50% more fireballs. Cost: 100
Hot Fire - 50% more damage. Cost: 400
Move Fast - 30% evasion. Cost: 500
More Special - +30% to special. Cost: 750
Power Shell - 60% more damage. Cost: 900

Ninja Upgrades
Bigger Pockets - 50% more shurikens. Cost: 100
Lucky Item - +30% chance to evade damage. Cost: 400
Sharper Weapons - +50% damage. Cost: 500
Secret Training - +50% special. Cost: 750
Power Strike - +50% to critical chance. Cost: 900

Druid Upgrades
New Spinning Spell - 30% faster spiky. Cost: 100
Better Control - 40% bigger range of spiky. Cost: 400
Nature Attacks - +40% damage. Cost: 500
Special Power - +30% chance of special. Cost: 750
Spin Spell 2.0 - +60% speed of spikes. Cost: 900

Archer Upgrades
Bull's Eye - 50% more arrows. Cost: 100
Power Impact - +50% damage. Cost: 400
Faster Moves - +50% evasion. Cost: 500
Secret Technic - +30% to special. Cost: 750
Mighty Archer - +50% damage. Cost: 900

Knight Upgrades
Metal Supplies - 50% more swords. Cost: 100
Tailsman - +50% critical chance. Cost: 400
Evade Death - +30% dodge. Cost: 500
Special Moves - +30% to special. Cost: 750
Crystal of Might - +50% critical chance. Cost: 900

Ice Mage Upgrades
Ice Control - 50% more ice spikes. Cost: 100
Piercing ice - 30% more damage. Cost: 400
Power Control - +50% critical chance. Cost: 500
Snow Storm - +60% damage. Cost: 750
Energy Storm - +50% more critical. Cost: 900

List of Enemies on Dragon Princess
Hairy Zombie - Life: Minimum, Vision: Small, Speed: Medium
Three Eye Greeny - Life: Medium, Vision: Wide, Speed: Medium
Double Zombie - Life: A lot, Vision: Medium, Speed: Medium
I-Eye - Life: A lot, Vision: Wide, Speed: Fast
Ghost - Life: Medium, Vision: Medium, Speed: Medium
Skeleton - Life: Minimum, Vision: Small, Speed: Medium
Mummy - Life: Small but can be revived, Vision: Medium, Speed: Medium
Bird of Prey - Life: Medium, Vision: Wide, Speed: Fast
Fire Spirit - Life: More than average, Vision: Small, Speed: Medium
Fire Rabbit - Life: A lot, Vision: Medium, Speed: Medium

Recommended Build on Dragon Princess
1. Better Leader
2. Smart With Money
3. Greedy
4. Better Teleporter
5. Real Commander
6. Healthy
7. Fired Up
8. Faster Shooter
9. Health 2.0
10. Fire Master
11. Upgrade anything you want! :D

Walkthrough Guide on Dragon Princess
I'll say the game; Dragon Princess is a bit easy. It's hard to get hit; additional teammates add so much power it's crazy, and you can kill the last boss within star time limit with the main hero alone. For people who would like a little more challenge, try playing with your mouse rather than using WASD settings. WASD control is slightly harder to aim and navigate around the arena. You should be fine as long you don't get swarmed by enemies, always try to shoot the enemies at a distance. You do not want to be dead and restart the stage again. Earn as much kill combos as possible, so you will gain charges to proc rage mode.


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