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Turtle Trigger: Walkthrough Guide

Turtle Trigger: Walkthrough Guide

List of Items on Turtle Trigger
Jet Pack - $7,500
Description: A flying turtle! Damn boy, must get this.
Super Shell - $6,000
Description: Doubles up your armor! Also, you'll look like a pimp!
Rifle - $0
Description: The most basic gun of all! Single shot fire.
Uzi - $3,500
Description: Go ghetto on dem dawg! Dat shit fo real!! Rapid fire!
Shotgun - $7,500
Description: Deliciousness in each shell, spread shot, powerful!
AR-15 - $12,000
Description: Rapid firing Assault Rifle. Powerful.
Super Automatic Rocket Launcher - $30,000
Description: Own everything but this!

Recommended Build on Turtle Trigger
1. Super Shell
2. Jet Pack
3. Shotgun
4. AR-15
5. Super Automatic Rocket Launcher
5. Uzi

Weapon Setup
1. Rifle
2. Shotgun
3. AR-15
4. Super Automatic Rocket Launcher

Walkthrough Guide on Turtle Trigger
Turtle Trigger is all about competing for Highscores to be the best of the turtles! Survive this madness for as long as possible, and most importantly of all, don't die! Here are some quick tips for Turtle Trigger; Use your shotgun against weak enemies in big groups, never shoot at bomber when near them. Use your jet pack when needed, such as spikes or enemies charging at you. The UZI is somewhat useless in my opinion, you're better off with the rifle. The Bazooka overheats, spam slowly. I know it's hard. :P

To kill Rufus aka "The Boss", you have to shoot him in the head of the first part of the battle, except when he's about to do that ground pound thing (that's a no-damage mode for him). You'll see his head flash white with each hit that damages him. The second part of the battle starts when he "goes nuclear" as I put it, or when he shoots fireballs out in a circle. After that, any hit hurts him, including body shots. The ground pound no-damage mode still applies, though. As for dealing with fireballs, you can try to dodge them, but you will probably still be hit. The best way to handle them is to shoot them; one shot will stop a fireball.

The best weapon for fighting Rufus is the assault rifle. While the rocket launcher looks like a good choice, the sustained fire you'll need to stop fireballs and hit Rufus will overheat it very quickly. The assault rifle, however, has a fast enough rate of fire to stop groups of fireballs and still hit Rufus, while also having a quick enough reload time not to get you killed while reloading. Additionally, it has a good enough damage rating to keep the fight from lasting too long, and it is more accurate than the other guns. Reload the shotgun right after you shoot the first shot. The cooldown between reloading and then shooting is shorter than between each shot.


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