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Toss the Turtle: Walkthrough Guide

Toss the Turtle: Walkthrough Guide

List of Items on Toss the Turtle
Rock Pack - $1,000
Description: This primitive jet pack is heavy and slow, but it will get the job down. Free fuel refills.
Chest Bomb - $2,000
Description: Strap this bomb to your chest and it will automatically explode if you stop moving! Only one use.
Jet Pack - $25,000
Description: The newest in jet pack technology. Smooth flight and can go very high. Must purchase a Rock Pack first.
Missile - $60,000
Description: Everyone knows missiles are faster than any jet pack, so why not use this instead? Must trade in Jet Pack.
Big Cannon - $10,000
Description: A strong, durable cannon. Good for private use of launching yourself.
Super Cannon - $40,000
Description: This cannon comes with flashy buttons, and a stronger blast. Need to trade in the previous cannon first.
Gold Cannon - $100,000
Description: The Gold Cannon is of superior design, utilizing maximum comfort to distance ratio! Will only trade for good quality cannons.
Tank - $200,000
Description: The Tank is not only an awesome weapon of war but can provide hours of fun! It's the most powerful cannon in this shop!
Nuclear Thingy - $10,000
Description: Nuclear bombs are dangerous, but who cares? They make a huge explosion! You can buy more than one.

List of Guns on Toss the Turtle
Sling Shot - $0
Description: A primitive weapon.
Power: 1, Ammo: 3, Accuracy: Low
Revolver - $6,000
Description: Well small rounded weapon.
Power: 5, Ammo: 6, Accuracy: Medium
Dessert Eagle - $8,000
Description: Strong small weapon
Power: 10, Ammo: 8, Accuracy: Low
Uzi - $10,000
Description: Weak but lots of ammo.
Power: 15, Ammo: 20, Accuracy: Low
AK-47 - $40,000
Description: Strong but hard to aim.
Power: 20, Ammo: 30, Accuracy: Low, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Pump Shotgun - $40,000
Description: Area effect allows easy hits.
Power: 50, Ammo: 8, Accuracy: Medium, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Automatic Shotgun - $50,000
Description: Area effect allows easy hits.
Power: 50, Ammo: 12, Accuracy: Low, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Sniper Rifle - $75,000
Description: High power and accuracy.
Power: 100, Ammo: 10, Accuracy: High, Requirement: Reach 100,000ft+
Bazooka - $80,000
Description: Powerful explosion.
Power: 200, Ammo: 5, Accuracy: Medium, Requirement: Reach 100,000ft+
Golden Gun - $400,000
Description: The Golden Gun of ultimate power.
Power: 5000, Ammo: 10, Accuracy: High, Requirement: Reach 200,000ft+

Recommended Build on Toss the Turtle
1. Rock Pack
2. Big Cannon
3. Uzi
4. Super Cannon
5. Jet Pack
6. Ak-47
7. Gold Cannon
8. Missile
9. Sniper Rifle
10. Tank
11. Golden Gun

Walkthrough Guide on Toss the Turtle
Generally, you want to make sure that the cannons are the first item you upgrade when you can afford to, as they are the most rewarding to the distance. Next on the list will be Jetpacks, then weapons; for weapons, guns with more ammo are better in my honest opinion. You are advised not to buy the chest bomb or nuclear bomb until you get your Tank and Golden Gun. They are expensive and don't give you that much extra distance at early game. You are better off not to spend away your money on not so helpful stuff and items, follow on the recommended builds to have an idea what to buy on.

For me, the best launching angle would be somewhere at around 50 degrees with full power. As soon as you are at the peak of your initial launch, activate your Rock Pack, Jetpack or Missile immediately. This will avoid the risk of hitting some spikes early on. Now, shoot the turtle when he is dropping (closer to the ground seems to be better, but not after he bounces) to maximize ammo use. Keep your finger on the D key to give you an extra distance, and only use the other keys if it is essential to get an item or avoid spikes if it is not you should leave the W, A and S keys alone.

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