Monday, May 12, 2014

Trollface Quest 4: Walkthrough Guide

Trollface Quest 4: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Trollface Quest 4
1: Click the smile in the clouds.
2: Drag the target closer then click the shooter.
3: Drag the center cloud right to reveal the sun.
4: Spam click on the little guy.
5: Click troll, then click ice skater.
6: Click and drag him.
7: Click and hold. Click again after he stops in mid-air and drags him to the finish point.
8: Click the CD player, click the bug disk and get rid of it to the left of the screen, click the CD, click troll.
9: Click on all little dope pills except the bottle with '!!!' There are 7 in total then click troll.
10: Click on the crane at the middle left of the screen, which extends his legs and jumps through. Click troll.

11: Click on the crowd, then troll. Repeat 3 times.
12: Click on the big black counter, then click on troll's head.
13: Click on Finish to changed it to Limbo, then click the troll in the crowd (wearing sunglasses) then click troll.
14: Click little star in the bottom right, then troll.
15: Click on the thing on his back(a Pump) then click the weight.
16: Click on SwordFish, then the base of the mast(the stick) on opponents boats, repeat 3 times, then click on trolls boat.
17: Click twice on speed-o-meter then on the bobsled.
18: Click on the right 'I' from the III to remove them, then click on the Left 'I' from the remaining II.
19: Click on the stick tree(upper right) then set the stick on fire, then click on the troll.
20: Click on the feather from the troll's head.


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  2. where is the troll

  3. ShadowDemon6401 YoutubeDecember 5, 2016 at 4:07 AM

    yeah were is the