Friday, May 9, 2014

Trollface Quest 3: Walkthrough Guide

Trollface Quest 3: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Trollface Quest 3
1: Click to move the car, click again to stop when the nuke comes quickly. Drag the mine downwards, then click to move again.
2: Click on the 'me' at the menu button at the top right corner.
3: Click on the girl then click on the guy's mouth.
4: Drag the face to the flag. Then, repeat but in the reverse direction.
5: Click on the guy before the bridge breaks.
6: Click on the small center rock surrounded by piles of rock around the bottom right corner.
7: Drag the guy to the right. Click the man.
8: Click on the small tree branch at the top and exactly in the middle of the tree
9: Click on the hole. Then, click the bird multiple times.
10: Click the guy before he reaches and bangs the wall.

11: Click 8, 7, 6, 5 two times, then 'Call' button.
12: Click the first doll then, click the small tip at the top of the bottom part of the first doll.
13: Click the left watering can twice, then click the poison.
14: Click the right branch on the tree three times.
15: Click to open the cover. Click and hold the gears.
16: Drag the finish line to the guy.
17: Find and click on bricks, its says "I'm Dumb".
18: Click on coconut until it falls. Then, click the crab in the sea.
19: Click on the TV, then click the lowest right button in the cloud bubble.
20: Click on the horn, left eye, missing teeth and bottle first. Then click on the single pixel on the left in the background scenery.

Level 20 Pictorial Guide on Trollface Quest 3


  1. Quest games are like addictions and i am really addicted of playing Trollface quest game series.Played 2 and 4 part already and now enjoying part 3 after reviewing your post.Keep sharing ....

  2. where is the pixel for #20? can you describe its location with a little more detail?

    1. I've updated the guide. Please check them out again. :)

  3. im doing 11 right but it doesn't even work.....this is bulll shit

    1. Did you click the 5 two times? 87655 will spell out "Troll", if you haven't notice it yet.

    2. didn't work!!!

    3. never mind, got it! you got to hold it.

  4. #16 doesn't work!

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