Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ernesto - A Quick RPG: Walkthrough Guide

Ernesto - A Quick RPG: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Ernesto - A Quick RPG
For Any Floor: Reveal All Traps.
Reach the Oracle safely, watch carefully and remember the traps. Start over and chose another entry if required, or you choose to trial and error. All you need is at least three health points to check for traps. Just remember that you can redo any action, so just click the space before the pit to reverse the damage. Don't hesitate to experiment other ways or paths!

First Floor: Immune to Poison.
Level up by fighting a few bats, then grab a few health packs. Now fight against a snake, then get an antidote as soon as possible. You will be gaining immunity to all poisons. This effectively makes poison gas a non-issue, and it allows you to steamroll the otherwise scary snakes.Don't hesitate to experiment other ways or paths!

Second Floor: Time to Killing Spree!
Level up a bit, and get tools early. Doing this will allow you to walk through traps and better deal with later foes. The fight against the Golem with the Golem Killer preferably. You should be clearing as much of the map as possible in the second stage. Don't hesitate to experiment other ways or paths!

Third floor: Prepared Well.
Don't get the disguise on this floor first. It's always better to fight Dungeon God Fanatics because they give lots of XP. Afterwards, make sure you have the Sereverance aka 'The God Killer' before you leave and have more than 6 health points. Try grabbing the Templar Outfit to dodge the fight against them in the fourth floor.

Final Floor: Nailed It!
Check if you have The God Killer, lots of health, and high attack power? Grab the healing potions if needed and you should be fine. ^^


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